Craig Edwards

MegaMin Caters for All Areas and All Seasons

Product Range: MegaMin Extra Phosphorus and MegaMin 10% Protein Meal

Region: Milbong, QLD

MegaMin has done a great job in our Phosphorus deficient country and has also ensured that our stock maintained good condition last Winter.”

Craig Edwards manages the 9000 acre south-east Queensland operation that runs over 1100 steers and 300 breeders. The string of properties are a combination of native and improved pastures where steers are grown out for the jap bullock market. Soil Tests assist to provide a guide to stock requirements. AgSolutions performed soil tests as part of their pasture improvement and forage program and this also provided an insight into livestock nutrition requirements. Macro minerals and trace minerals are now an integral part of their supplementation program.

Phosphorus deficiency

“Steers didn’t perform in our native grass areas which were phosphorus deficient and bone chewing and botulism was a big concern. In these areas, we now supplement year round with MegaMin Extra Phosphorus because it also provides a broad range of minerals. Intake variations did occur throughout the season however our cattle have stopped chewing bones. We use MegaMin lick blocks for our breeders throughout summer and this has really improved the performance of stock grazing our lighter country. Intake varies and the cattle on our basalt soil are not chasing the minerals or phosphorus as much.”

Cattle utilised the dry fodder

“Last year our native grasses hit a severe protein drought in winter so we used MegaMin protein blends for our breeders until the season broke. These supplements did a good job on our cows and enabled them to utilise the dry fodder. Prior to this, with the tougher seasons, our cows weren’t cycling and conception levels were down to 60%. Since supplementing with MegaMin there has definitely been an improvement.”