Improving livestock health, maximising weight gains and providing nutritional advice and support to producers across Australia

Customer Stories

See what producers across Australia have to say about their journey and results by using MegaMin Livestock Supplements and the nutritional advice provided by the AgSolutions’ technical team.

Producers have reported:
  • Improved overall livestock health
  • Increased weight gains
  • Resistance of external parasites
  • Improved utilisation of dry and mature pastures
  • Increased wool production
  • Greater calving rates
  • Reduced pregnancy issues
  • Better quality stock
Beef Producers

“MegaMin helps our cattle utilise dry feed and hold their condition during periods when pastures are not in their growth phases. Our cattle performed well on MegaMin lick blocks, showing improvement in bone growth and increased weight, compared to stock not fed the blocks.” – Robert Page, NSW

Organic Operations

“I’ve been utilising AgSolutions for their assistance with providing a supplement and balancing and testing our feed rations for nearly 5 years. We end up with quiet, well-handled weaners that continue to gain around 0.3kg per day during weaning. These calves don’t go backwards and know how to eat later when we finish them.” – Matthew Marshall, QLD

Feedlot & Backgrounding

“It’s just so easy, cost effective and safe with using the MegaMin Feedlot Enhancer and utilising the ‘free’ nutrition and ration service from AgSolutions.” – Darren & Jacquie Castle, QLD

Sheep & Goat Producers

“We find the MegaMin Loose Supplement is easy to use because it is safe if it gets wet and it works well for our rotational grazing management. Since wool is our major income, Extra Sulphur provides the benefits for wool production and Sulphur also aids in parasite control.” – Kim Barnett, NSW

Maximise the potential of your livestock

Our quality mineral supplements help replace the nutrient shortfalls among livestock in almost any circumstance. MegaMin livestock supplements comprise essential broad-spectrum macro and trace minerals sourced from naturally occurring elements found in the earth and sea.

Specifically formulated to assist the physiological, structural, and regulatory functions of animal bodies, MegaMin promotes optimal growth, health, fertility, and overall livestock performance. The MegaMin range comprises grass-fed, feedlot or grain assist products that are suitable for cattle and sheep, and includes loose supplements, lick blocks and feedlot premixes, as well as USDA/NOP specific blends and Organic Allowed Input approved supplements.

Manage nutrition deficiencies to ensure your stock reaches production targets

Our nutrition team can review your current grain rations for early weaning, backgrounding, feedlots, bulls, dairy, sheep and lambs; and can further test the nutrient and protein content of raw ingredients, such as grains, hay and silage, making it possible to adjust intake throughout the year to accommodate price changes or feed ingredient availability.