Restore Fertility to Your Soil

Gradual deterioration in soil fertility, soil structure issues and increasing salinity are becoming major challenges in agriculture, causing many farmers to reconsider their soil management programs.

With over twenty mineral elements being essential for optimum plant nutrition, soil remineralisation with NatraMin is a key factor to restore natural fertility to your soil.

We’re here to work with you to deliver purpose-led solutions toward what matters most… the fertility of your soil and the productivity of your crops and livestock. Our dedicated team of Field Advisors specialize in providing sound advice and information for soil regeneration and livestock nutrition.

Backed By Science

Replicated trials conducted at the University of Queensland confirmed that NatraMin assists to improve soil structure and boost plant growth. Here is a snap shot of the results: 

  • 7.6% increase in Plant Available Water Content in Soil
  • 39% increase in Dry Root Biomass
  • 26% increase in Plant Growth
  • NatraMin appeared to Stabalise Organic Carbon and buffer Soil pH

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NatraMin blends are formulated for different soil and crop requirements

Soil fertility has a direct influence on your crop and livestock performance

Over the years, vital mineral elements have been depleted and leached from soil, resulting in an ever increasing dependence on water-soluble chemical fertiliser.

Soil biology is important for soil and plant health and unfortunately, the repeated use of water soluble fertiliser, weed control and crop protectants can all disrupt the delicate balance of soil life, leading to a decline in soil structure and nutrient availability.

Remineralisation with NatraMin is now recognized as a core part of the solution.  Our range of NatraMin Mineral Fertilisers and Soil Conditioners are formulated to provide bio-activated broad spectrum minerals and trace elements… assisting to restore the Nutritional, Biological and Structural aspects of soil fertility:

Nutritional:  supply of broad spectrum minerals and trace elements

Biological:  stimulation of microbe and worm activity to assist in the conversion of organic matter into humus, helping to neutralise soil pH and increase nutrient availability.

Structural:  improvement of soil aggregation assisting to reduce tillage costs, increase moisture holding capacity, improve root development and increase plant growth and yield.

When integrated with soil management strategies NatraMin can assist to produce living, healthy and balanced soil capable of producing high yield crops, pastures and livestock.

NatraMin Original
Minerals and Trace Elements

NatraMin Original contains a blend of minerals and trace elements essential to restoring the mineral and biological balance in all soil types.

NatraMin Cal-S
Extra Calcium and Sulphur

NatraMin Cal-S is formulated with additional calcium and sulphur for dark, sodic, cloddy or crusting soils with a calcium imbalance or soils that are low in sulphur. It is suitable to use in small crops, cotton, lucerne, pasture and grain.

NatraMin S
Extra Sulphur

NatraMin S contains an elevated level of sulphur to assist soils low in sulphur but with adequate levels calcium.

NatraMin Cal-K
Extra Calcium, Sulphur and Potassium

Formulated with extra calcium, sulphur and potassium, NatraMin Cal-K is ideal for soils high in magnesium and/or sodium. The additional potassium in this blend is particularly beneficial for legume pastures and crops.

NatraMin K
Extra Sulphur and Potassium

NatraMin K contains additional sulphur and potassium which are particularly beneficial for legume pastures and crops, or soils deficient in potassium.

NatraMin Hi-Phos
Extra Phosphorus, Calcium and Sulphur

NatraMin Hi-Phos has been formulated to supply additional phosphorus to rebalance soils and crops with depleted or low levels. This blend also provides elevated calcium vital for plants cell structure and growth.

NatraMin K-Phos
Extra Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium and Sulphur

NatraMin K-Phos provides additional phosphorus, calcium and sulphur and high amounts of potassium. This blend is suited to soil and pastures low in phosphorus and potassium.

Take the guess work out of your soil and pasture management

AgSolutions can assist you to design a simple to follow soil management plan to suit the specific requirements of your soil, and subsequently your crops and livestock. Whether you follow conventional or more natural farming practices, our programs are designed to restore soil fertility, helping to maximise yield and productivity.

The AgSolutions Difference

Restore the Mineral Balance to Your Soil

Why choose NatraMin? With over twenty mineral elements being essential for optimum plant nutrition, soil remineralisation is a key factor to restore natural fertility to your soil.

Because of increasing costs and declining results from traditional NPK programs, many farmers have discovered that remineralisation with NatraMin provides results through improved soil structure, increased nutrient availability and better utilisation of both applied and stored nutrients.

Across Australia, in all sectors of Agriculture, many farmers who have made the change to include NatraMin in their soil management program have reported a noticeable difference in their soil and crops.

Producers have reported:
  • Improved soil structure
  • Reduced tillage costs
  • Increased worm activity
  • Soil pH improvements
  • Reduced crusting and salinity
  • Improved nutrient availability
  • Greater water infiltration and moisture retention
  • Increased crop and pasture yield
  • Better quality produce
  • Improved plant strength and vigour with reduced incidence of pests and disease
  • Reduced water-soluble fertiliser requirements

Soil Testing

AgSolutions provides a soil testing service, allowing you to work with our qualified Field Advisors to develop a soil management program designed specifically for your soil and crop needs. Whether you follow conventional or organic farming practices, or anything in between, our programs are designed to restore soil fertility, helping to maximise yield and productivity.

Application Guide

The NatraMin range is made from natural rock minerals and trace elements and there is no withholding period for livestock including horses. All NatraMin blends are non-leaching and may be applied at any stage of the growing cycle, on existing crops, or if using at plant stage, it is an advantage to apply 4-6 weeks prior to planting.

What Growers & Producers Say

Customer Stories

Soil Remineralisation: Improved Soil Structure & Increased Production

Paul Beaumont, Dorrigo NSW

“We have reduced the use of Urea down from 125kg to 80kg. Where NatraMin has been applied, the clover is good and there are no longer any urine patches in the pasture.”

pH Correction & Improved Pastures

Frank Boyd, Wolvi QLD

“We’ve seen our Kikuyu and Rye pastures really respond. The results have been outstanding and I’ve been able to reduce other fertilizer inputs.”

Improvements in Sodic Soils

Bill Stewart, Warwick QLD

“We’re growing better crops and our seed strike at planting has definitely improved. Fine tuning our inputs has reduced the amount of Urea and synthetic fertilisers required. The bottom line is quality nutrition into our soil equals quality nutrition for our crops and stock.”

Reduced Sodium from 12% to 3%

Grant Wieck, Brymaro QLD

“As a result of improving soil structure, we have less tillage, better water use and our yields have improved dramatically.  Our silage pits are full and our soil tests are proof on paper of what we are experiencing in the paddock.”