NatraMin Bio-Activated Mineral Fertiliser and Soil Conditioner

Performance of your crops and livestock depends on the condition of your soil.

Many Australian farmers understand the problems associated with declining soil fertility,  having to use increasing amounts of high analysis fertiliser, crop protectants and tillage in an attempt to maintain or improve production.


Unfortunately, such high inputs can disrupt the delicate balance of soil life, leading to a decline in soil structure and nutrient availability. Gradual deterioration in soil fertility, soil structure problems and high salinity are becoming a major challenge in agriculture, causing many farmers to reconsider their soil management programs.


NatraMin products are now being recognised as a core part of the solution. Our range of Mineral Fertilisers and Soil Conditioners are designed to assist soil regeneration by addressing the three aspects of soil fertility:


Nutritional – supply of mineral elements

Biological – stimulation of microbe and worm activity

Structural  – improvement of soil aggregation


NatraMin is formulated to supply broad spectrum minerals and trace elements and to stimulate microbe and worm activity in the soil, assisting to improve soil structure and nutrient availability. Specific blends are available for different soil types and crop requirements.


Soil Testing

AgSolutions provides a soil testing service, allowing you to work with our qualified Field Advisors to develop, implement and monitor a soil management program designed specifically for your soil and crop needs.


AgSolutions recommends a program of remineralisation, mulching and crop rotation including a legume. Soil aeration is recommended where necessary and practical. Repeat applications of NatraMin are vital to restore mineral elements to your soil.


Minerals: the building blocks for soil health

With over twenty mineral elements being essential for optimum plant nutrition, soil remineralisation is a
key factor to restore natural fertility to your soil.

Here’s What Farmers Say About Using NatraMin

Friable Soil Again Since Using NatraMin

Chris Harvey, Aratula QLD

Complete Grass Cover & Useful Grazing Pastures

Ken Passlow, Ulmarra NSW

Softer Soil Increases Water Penetration

Barry Nothdurft, Norwin QLD