Feed Testing

rationFeed Testing

How good is your feed?

Testing your feed will help you make informed decisions on:

  1. The ability of the feed to meet the nutritional requirements of the animal
  2. Formulating a ration to meet the animals’ nutrient requirements and avoid under or over feeding
  3. What you are getting from a particular feed
  4. To ensure a balanced ration that allows maximum production from your feed
  5. Budgeting for nutritional gaps
  6. Whether a feed is SAFE to feed livestock

Ruminant Feed Tests

  • Forage
  • Grain
  • TMR

What farmers have experienced…

“The most relaxed feeding I’ve done”

“After testing our roughage and grains, AgSolutions formulated our rations and we’ve been able to drop out Lime and Bicarb soda from our old rations. Using MegaMin is easy at 1 bag per tonne of ration and it’s a lot easier to handle and transport compared to liquid concentrates.” – Ashley & Maryellen Volz

From the blog…

Grain Feeding

If you are considering putting your livestock onto a grain ration there are a few important details that you need to consider and these are discussed below:

What ingredients to use?

The initial selection of ingredients for your ration will depend largely on what is readily available to you and at the lowest cost possible.  When selecting ingredients it is important to look at the quality and quantity.