Ration Formulation

Ration Formulation Service

For customers purchasing our MegaMin products, complimentary ration formulation and nutritional advice is provided by our qualified and experienced field advisors.


To ensure our customers are getting the best possible weight gains with safe and balanced feeding programs our nutrition team can review your current rations for early weaning, backgrounding, bulls, feedlot, dairy, sheep and lambs. Feed testing of nutrient and protein content is also available. When required, this program includes testing of nutrient and protein content of raw ingredients (grains/hay/silage) and adjustments can easily be made throughout the year if there is a change in prices or availability of feed ingredients.

What farmers have experienced…

AgSolutions Feed Ration Service Has Improved Our Operation

AgSolutions Field Advisor Paul Pritchard’s assistance and advice regarding our rations and feeding program has certainly been a benefit to us. Just recently we needed to adjust our ration to include Sorghum grown on farm. Every time we have needed to make changes, Paul usually has the updated rations back to us within 48 hours.