Arnold & Aaron Ham

“Prior To Using MegaMin Extra Magnesium, We Lost Up To 30 Cows To Grass Tetany Each Year”

Product Range: MegaMin Extra Magnesium

Region: Niangala, NSW

The Ham family have always supplemented with Magnesium due to the high risk of Grass Tetany in Niangala district, NSW. According to Arnold and Aaron Ham, “Since using MegaMin Extra Magnesium we haven’t lost a cow in over three years.”

We found that we couldn’t gaurantee enough intake when we used other Magnesium blocks so we fed molasses with Magnesium but we used to lose up to 30 cows each year. In todays market that’s a loss of over $30,000 which makes MegaMin cheap. We’re very happy with the MegaMin product because it works. We tell people that you only have to save one cow to more than cover the cost of a pallet. The other thing that appeals to us about MegaMin is that it also delivers important trace minerals for our stock.”

As part of their annual program, MegaMin Extra Magnesium is supplemented continuously to all stock from the first frost in April or May through to September. “The key is to start early. In our case Grass Tetany used to hit our fat cows first, particularly the 4-5 yr old cows. Our high risk periods are when our grass is dormant and cattle are grazing Spring oats or during long wet periods. We’ve just come through 6 weeks of typical Grass Tetany peak conditions and have not lost an animal. With the price of cattle we couldn’t be happier with the benefits of this product”, concluded the Ham’s.