Maximise the
potential of your livestock

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NatraMin is a natural choice
for your gardens

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Premium triple action
vitamin & mineral supplement
for all types of horses

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Premium Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium
& Vitamin D Supplement for Horses Grazing
High Oxalate Pastures

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MegaMin offers a range of quality mineral supplements tailored to help maximise optimal growth, health and performance of livestock in a vast range of feeding situations and environmental conditions.

NatraMin is formulated to supply broad spectrum minerals and trace elements and to stimulate microbe and worm activity in the soil, assisting to improve soil structure and nutrient availability. Specific blends are available for different soil types and crop requirements

NatraMin University Trials

Interim results from soil amendment trials underway at the University of Queensland have indicated what many farmers have reported over the years, NatraMin works....

Ration Formulation Service

AgSolutions provide a free ration formulation service in conjunction with the Feedlot Enhancer and Dairy Enhancer products.

Health and Nutrition Library

Our health and nutrition library provides relevant information articles to assist producers with management, disease prevention and nutritional information.

Featured Product

This month’s featured product is MegaMin Equine Enhancer.  MegaMin Equine Enhancer is a triple action supplement designed to promote overall health while also...


Broad spectrum

All MegaMin products contain broad spectrum minerals and trace elements


Unlock the potential of your soil with NatraMin Bio-Activated Mineral Fertiliser and Soil Conditioners

Natural Alternative to Gypsum

NatraMin Cal-S is a cost effective and economical alternative to Gypsum

Natural choice

NatraMin is a natural choice for your soil and gardens to help restore the nutritional, biological and structural aspects of soil fertility

Optimise Dry Feed Intake

MegaMin Graze & Grow provides 6% Urea plus Protected Protein for extended grazing

Triple Action

MegaMin Equine Enhancer is a premium triple action vitamin and mineral supplement for all types of horses

AgSolutions offer Soil Testing and Soil Management Programs