Livestock & Pasture Nutrition Seminars

The seminar will cover strategies to improve profitability through the latest techniques in livestock nutrition, pastures, forages and animal health management.


Keynote Presenters:

Andrew Hallas

Presentation will include:

  • Using worm egg counts for better drenching decisions
  • Reproductive disease management through vaccination


Tanya Hayes
Seed Force

Presentation will include:

  • Increasing winter pasture feed production
  • Improving animal intake of forage
  • Increasing the energy density of pastures, all aimed at driving increased and lower cost milk production and liveweight gain


Gary Zerner
AgSolutions Australia

Presentation Topics will include:

  • Questions from your property
  • Taking and using soil test data
  • Combining vaccines, forages and supplements
  • Risks and opportunities for grazing oats and dry forages
  • Better utilisation of winter feed



Dinner, tea and coffee will be provided. Presenters will be available for any questions and discussion.

Please bring a copy of your soil tests if you wish to discuss specific issues.

For catering purposes please RSVP by Monday, 25 February 2019.


To RSVP please phone McGregor Gourlay:
GRAFTON  – (02) 6644 2800
LISMORE  – (02) 6629 2100
MURWILLUMBAH  – (02) 6671 3900

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