MegaMin Broad Spectrum Mineral Livestock Supplements


MegaMin offers a range of quality mineral supplements tailored to help maximise optimal growth, health and performance of livestock in a vast range of feeding situations and environmental conditions.

“Naturally occurring earth and sea minerals provide broad spectrum macro and trace minerals known to be essential for animal health, production and reproduction”

Minerals are needed year round by livestock for optimum production, health and fertility. Minerals play important roles in physiological, structural and regulatory functions within the animals’ body and are essential for the utilization of energy and protein.


Whilst, there is an obvious need to supplement livestock to maintain condition or avoid losses during winter and dry conditions, not so obvious are the clinical or sub-clinical mineral deficiencies that can restrict animal performance during good seasons or periods of lush pasture growth.


Minerals cannot be synthesised within the animal, therefore, supplementing livestock with broad spectrum minerals can help stimulate metabolism and feed efficiency, assisting daily weight gain and body condition scores for stock grazing both native and improved pastures.

Here’s what Farmers say about using MegaMin

MegaMin Extra Sulphur for Weight Gain and reduced Buffalo Fly

David Blackwood, Ballandean QLD

Year round access to MegaMin provide benefits for Sheep & Improved Wool

David Sweeney, Walcha QLD

Reserve Champion Led Steers Champion Heavy Weight Carcass

Keith Willcocks, Tenterfield NSW