Improving soil ferility, increasing biological activity, improving yields and providing nutritional advice and support to producers across Australia

Customer Stories

Across Australia, in all sectors of Agriculture, many farmers who have made the change to include NatraMin in their soil management program have reported a noticeable difference in their soil and crops.

Producers have reported:
  • Improved soil structure
  • Reduced tillage costs
  • Increased worm activity
  • Soil pH improvements
  • Reduced crusting and salinity
  • Improved nutrient availability
  • Greater water infiltration and moisture retention
  • Increased crop and pasture yield
  • Better quality produce
  • Improved plant strength and vigour with reduced incidence of pests and disease
  • Reduced water-soluble fertiliser requirements
Pasture Production

“With the help of NatraMin Cal-S our last two cuts have increased to 10t/ha. One of these cuts was with 100% irrigation and the second cut was all rainfall so we were able to get a real comparison of the results of Cal-S despite the rain. The result of a 34% yield increase is a significant outcome.” – Peter Dunn, QLD

Lucerne Producers

“10 years ago we were getting 5-6 cuts from our Lucerne. With new varieties and our soil management program that includes NatraMin, we have now achieved up to 8 cuts over a 10-month period. Lucerne cuts used to be every 35 – 37 days, and now with the increased growth since using NatraMin, we are cutting 5 to 7 days earlier.” – Allan Cherry, NSW

Small Crops

“Since using NatraMin we have achieved a longer shelf life for our crops, which is financially significant when selling perishable produce. Silica is one of the key minerals in NatraMin, renowned for its positive impact on cell membrane strength which equates to shelf life and natural resistance to pests and disease.” – Justin Schultz, QLD

Cotton Growers

“We’ve used NatraMin Cal-S for over 5 years as it delivers a wide variety of base minerals that we were looking for.  The Cal-S suits our black soils and calcium is a key focus in our farming system for yield. We’re growing good crops with cotton, yielding up to 15.4 bales/ha and healthy crops with no insect pressure and not having to spray.” – Geoff Brown, NSW

Cane Growers

“Visually the colour stands out as the cane is a deeper green. I can’t explain exactly what NatraMin does, but I suspect the increased yields are to do with nutrient release, nitrogen storage and increased root function from silica.” – Merv Greaves, QLD

Tree Crops

“Since using NatraMin HI-Phos our orchard has improved overall. We’ve picked up on our trace elements which are critical for fruit trees. Last year customers started to rave about our apricots so it must be doing something as our fruit is selling well.” – Warren & Lexie Harvey, QLD

Unlock the potential in your soil

With over twenty mineral elements being essential for optimum plant nutrition, soil remineralisation is a key factor to restore natural fertility to your soil.

Because of increasing costs and declining results from traditional NPK programs, many farmers have discovered that remineralisation with NatraMin provides results through improved soil structure, increased nutrient availability and better utilisation of both applied and stored nutrients.

Take the guess work out of your soil and pasture management

AgSolutions can assist you to design a simple to follow soil management plan to suit the specific requirements of your soil, and subsequently your crops and livestock. Whether you follow conventional or more natural farming practices, our programs are designed to restore soil fertility, helping to maximise yield and productivity.