Scientifically Balanced Premium Mineral and Vitamin Supplements for Overall Health and Vitality

MegaMin Equine Supplements have been specially formulated by a leading Australian Equine Nutritionist with top quality ingredients from trusted suppliers for effective results and bio-availability to meet the needs of all types of horses and ponies with access to diets consisting largely of pasture or hay.

Minerals are crucial to the physiological, structural and regulatory functions within a horse’s body and without a correct balance of minerals, horses are unable to perform to the best of their genetic potential.

Australian soils, and consequently the pastures, hay and grain we feed our horses, tend to be deficient in a number of minerals. Pastures generally lack adequate quantities of copper, zinc, selenium and iodine and have variable amounts of calcium, phosphorus, sodium and chloride. Horses on pasture and hay based diets will usually require a supplement to replace shortfalls of essential minerals. Ensure horses ALWAYS have ad lib access to fresh drinking water and plain, free choice salt.

Equine Enhancer

Premium Triple Action Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Suitable for all Types of Horses

  • Scientifically balanced vitamins and minerals
  • Fortified with biotin, organic zinc and methionine to assist skin and coat condition and promote healthy hoof growth
  • Prebiotic to help support a healthy hindgut and efficient digestion
  • Contains AgSolutions’ unique blend of natural minerals to provide a broad range of additional nutrients including silicon, boron and chromium
  • Helps keep your horse healthy on the inside and brilliantly shiny on the outside
Bone Defender

Premium Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Vitamin D Top-Up Supplement to Promote Strong Healthy Bones

  • Scientifically balanced calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin D supplement to help promote strong healthy bones. 
  • Incorporates multiple sources of calcium, including chelated calcium. 
  • Assists in maintaining/balancing the calcium to oxalate ratio for horses grazing subtropical pastures (setaria, buffel, kikuyu, couch etc.). An imbalance in the calcium to oxalate ratio can lead to Bighead Disease. 
  • Recommended to be fed in conjunction with MegaMin Equine Enhancer. 
  • Contains AgSolutions’ unique blend of natural minerals. 

Pasture Management for Horses

Greater emphasis on pasture feeding of horses should be made in Australia, as it offers the advantage of considerable reduction in feeding costs in combination with a return to the natural grazing conditions to which horses are well adapted. Grazing horses attain benefits from both the nutritional value of the pasture and from the exercise derived from actively grazing.

The AgSolutions MegaMin Difference

Why Choose MegaMin?

Premium Ingredients

Your horses deserve the best in supplementation year-round, which is why all MegaMin Equine Supplements are manufactured using a set recipe comprising carefully selected premium ingredients.

Healthy Minerals

MegaMin Equine Supplements offer an exceptional array of broad spectrum macro and trace minerals, including boron, silica, and chromium, that are uniquely blended and balanced to improve horse health.

Quality Assurance

All MegaMin Equine Supplements are manufactured under strict guidelines and undergo quality inspections during production to ensure mineral composition and product standards remain consistent from batch to batch.

Specialised Services

We help our customers acquire the best freight possible and offer a range of services to support our customers including; soil testing and pasture management programs; feed testing and ration formulation; education and training in soil and livestock nutrition; and events.

Equine Nutrition & Training Centre

Designed for equine enthusiasts, such as yourself, our Equine Nutrition and Training Centre connects you with leading experts in the field, offering practical and insightful information you never knew you needed – until now. 

As a member of our equine community, you’ll gain access to our comprehensive collection of equine nutrition presentations, videos, workshops, clinics, special events, and exclusive offers!

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