Hi, Trevor here. My daughter Julie asked me to share a bit about how AgSolutions Australia came about. So here’s our story. I hope you enjoy reading it.

We started back in 1989 and have grown to where we are today, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of soil nutrition and livestock supplement products. AgSolutions started because of our love of the land. My Grandfather started the family farm in 1910 on a property located just outside of Gympie, QLD. The property was expanded over the years and production included stud dairy (97 years), beef cattle and small crops, with the farm being passed down to my father and later to my eldest brother.

Over the years, I saw the ongoing gradual decline in soil fertility and in particular, I saw the need for my brother to continually increase the amount of fertiliser to maintain production. You see, when my parents first started using fertiliser, they only had to use small amounts to see an improvement in their crops. Then, as time passed, this small amount multiplied and eventually the soil became so hard and compacted it was difficult to plough. Legumes all but disappeared from the pasture.

Because this was a real problem that would only continue to worsen, it was obvious that we needed to make changes. This is when I first found out about soil remineralisation and the importance and value of using broad spectrum minerals and trace elements to restore fertility to the soil.

After seeing the results of soil remineralisation for myself, I believed that we could help other farmers as well, and this provided me with the motivation to start AgSolutions Australia. In 1989 we built the first stage of our production facility to produce a mineral soil conditioner. From here we continued to learn more about the benefits of broad spectrum minerals not only for soil, but for livestock as well. We took this knowledge and used it to expand our NatraMin range and then to develop our MegaMin livestock supplement products.

Today, my wife Wendy and I spend more time thinking about going out to pasture ourselves than growing it. We are grateful that AgSolutions remains a family business, with our son Jason and daughter Julie, her husband Andrew all involved in the business.

The team at AgSolutions is passionate about supporting our rural heritage in Australia through providing soil and livestock nutrition products and information that assists farmers to make the change to lower chemical, regenerative farm management practices. We are committed to Helping Australia Grow.

Trevor Zerner – Founding Director

Our Family Team

Julie Williams

Having completed a Bachelor of Education at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), majoring in Accounting and Business Communications Julie returned home to Gympie in 2002 to work in the family business. Julie shares her parents’ vision for a prosperous future in Australian agriculture and remains committed to building a team of people to ensure AgSolutions can continue to supply innovative products and services to the Agriculture sector. “Helping Australia Grow.”

Jason Zerner

Having gained extensive engineering experience in manufacturing and production across various industries abroad, Jason now applies his knowledge and skills in our family business. Jason believes increased autonomy and practical problem solving are crucial for improving efficiencies in production and strives to facilitate organisational growth by cultivating innovation in the workplace, enabling his production team to enhance equipment capabilities through creative engineering.

Andrew Williams

Andrew or ‘Andy’ completed a Bachelor of Applied Sciences at the University of Queensland (UQ) and now heads Research and Development at AgSolutions.  Andy’s technical understanding of soil and livestock nutrition offers immense support to farmers requiring soil management plans and our Field Advisory Team.  Andy customizes our livestock blends and is responsible for overseeing operations, ensuring efficiencies and quality assurance remain at the forefront of AgSolutions product development and processes.

Helping Australia Grow

The team at AgSolutions are committed to ‘Helping Australia Grow’. We’re here to work with you to deliver purpose-led solutions toward what matters most: Your Land and Productivity. Our dedicated team of Field Advisors specialize in providing sound advice and information for soil regeneration and livestock nutrition.

We are keeping the Australia in Australian Farming, providing our growers with leading sustainable soil and livestock products that are all about regeneration of your land to maximise productivity.

Our Team in the Field

AgSolutions has built a team of experienced and dedicated Field Advisors delivering products, solutions and complementary services to our rural store partners and customers located throughout Australia.

Paul Pritchard

National Sales Manager
m 0427 671 399 | e [email protected]
Region: Mid and North Coast of NSW, south to Taree. All other regions

Paul gained qualifications in Ag Science before working in various agricultural industries across the country. He has a background in farm consultancy, parasites, agricultural equipment and animal health including being responsible for managing artificial breeding and embryo transplant operations.
This history, coupled with a wealth of practical experience on his own properties, has given Paul a great understanding of agronomy and livestock nutrition which he now applies in his role as National Sales Manager as part of the Field Advisory Team with AgSolutions Australia

Ben Ree

m 0448 878 044 | e [email protected]
Region: Beaudesert/Lockyer areas, West to Chinchilla, Dalby and Goondiwindi, and South to Tenterfield and Deepwater

Some of you may already recognise Ben from his previous position as Manager of Pursehouse Rural Warwick Branch. Together with his wife, Ben lives on a property near Liston in NSW where they run a trade cattle operation. Ben’s experience is underpinned by the Bachelor of Applied Science (Animal Production) (Hons) he attained through the University of Queensland (Gatton).

Lucas Kerkow

m 0427 825 167 | e [email protected]
Region: Bundaberg through to Brisbane, west to Jandowae and South Burnett

Working with Nutrien Ag Solutions (formerly Northern Agriservices) for over 8 years, Lucas specialised in Animal Production offering on-farm assistance to producers to provide pasture and grazing management as well as animal health and nutrition advice.
In addition to completing an Associate Diploma in Applied Science (Rural Techniques) at Gatton College, Lucas has a wealth of practical knowledge in regenerative, sustainable and profitable farming and grazing management. Lucas hails from Wooroolin near Kingaroy, where he runs his own beef cattle breeding operation based on RCS regenerative grazing principles.

Philip Stacy

m 0439 794 077 | e [email protected]
Region: Armidale, Glen Innes, Warialda, Gunnedah, Scone, Gloucester, Walcha

Philip joined the AgSolutions team in 2010 and also runs a cattle property near Armidale, keeping him in tune with soil and animal nutrition. This also enables him to understand the issues that local farmers face. Phil completed his Tertiary education in Agriculture and Farm Management in Orange. He has been involved in the agricultural industry for more than 20 years with time spent in Western Qld and NSW giving him a sound knowledge of primary production both from a practical and management point of view.

Careers With Us

We contribute to keeping “farming in Australia” by employing and manufacturing locally. Employing the right people is vital to maintaining the culture and values of our business.

Did you know?

As part of our mission to ‘keep Australia farming’, we aim to ensure that customers receive a complete suite of information and assistance, including the latest nutritional advice and options available in the agriculture industry. We offer a sustainable and complete program approach for soil and livestock producers by providing nutritional advice, value adding services and on-going support to help our customers achieve optimal results and maximise the return on their investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will be able to find answers to the most commonly asked questions about AgSolutions Australia, soil, livestock and our product ranges NatraMin and MegaMin.

The AgSolutions Difference

Why Choose Us?

Soil Remineralisation

After decades of farming, vital mineral elements have been depleted from the soil, resulting in an ever increasing dependence on water soluble fertiliser,

While NPK fertilisers have delivered big yields for many years, their use can come at a cost to soil health. High levels of soluble fertiliser can have an impact on the soil microbial population and also contribute to the leaching of natural minerals from soil. (Read more).

With over twenty mineral elements considered essential for optimum plant nutrition, soil remineralisation with NatraMin is now being recognised as a key factor to restore natural fertility to soil.

Livestock Nutrition

Minerals and trace elements are required year round by livestock for optimum production, health and fertility.

Providing livestock with adequate minerals can assist to stimulate metabolism and feed efficiency to increase daily weight gain and body condition scores for stock grazing both native and improved pasture.

MegaMin products are based on natural, organic minerals and trace elements and these broad spectrum minerals can assist to eliminate clinical and sub-clinical mineral deficiencies that restrict livestock performance, even in a good season.

Feedsafe Accreditation

All MegaMin products are Feedsafe Accredited.

Dedicated Team of Field Advisors

In addition to soil and livestock nutrition advice, our Field Advisors offer a range of services including soil testing and crop recommendations, feed testing and ration formulation advice, providing on-farm consultations to customers located within their working regions or Australia-wide assistance via phone, email, or video conferencing.

Certified Allowed Inputs

Select MegaMin products are certified in accordance with the Australian Organic Standards as allowed inputs for organic farming operations and a number of USDA/NOP products are also available.