Premium Triple Action Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for All Types of Horses

Formulated in partnership with one of Australia’s leading equine nutritionists, MegaMin Equine Enhancer combines broad spectrum macro and trace minerals with carefully selected premium ingredients to deliver essential nutrients required by all types of horses and ponies with diets consisting largely of pasture or hay. MegaMin Equine Enhancer has been developed to promote overall health while actively supporting hoof quality, coat condition, and gut function.

Scientifically balanced vitamins and minerals.

Fortified with biotin, organic zinc and methionine to assist skin and coat condition and promote healthy hoof growth.

Prebiotic to help support a healthy hindgut and efficient digestion.

Contains AgSolutionsí unique blend of natural minerals to provide a broad range of additional nutrients, including silicon, boron, and chromium.

Helps keep your horse healthy on the inside and brilliantly shiny on the outside.

Feeding Guide

Average feeding rate: Horses: 100g/day – Ponies: 50g/day. Feeding rates are in g/day.

Average Bodyweight
Not in work455565
Light work607080
Moderate work80100120
Pregnant Mares (first 8 months)607080
Pregnant Mares (last 3 months)80100120
Lactating Mares 6080100
Aged Horses 607080
Expected Mature Weight
Weanlings, Yearlings and 2YOs455565

Directions: Mix well into feed and dampen. Ensure that an adequate supply of fresh, clean drinking water and free choice plain salt are available at all times. Introduce into your horse’s diet slowly over 7 to 10 days.

Dosage/Administration: 1 level scoop (in bucket) = approx 50g of Equine Enhancer 

Available In

Available in 2.8kg Pouches, 10kg Bucket, 20kg Bucket and 20kg Bags.


(Based on 450-500kg horse)

2.8kg Pouch Provides: 28 daily average horse doses

10kg Pouch Provides: 100 daily average horse doses

20kg Pouch Provides: 200 daily average horse doses

Features and Benefits

Healthy Hooves
No hoof, no horse! MegaMin Equine Enhancer contains organic zinc, methionine and a targeted 20mg of biotin per 100g dose to help keep your horse’s hooves growing strong and healthy. No need to use a separate hoof supplement! 

Shiny Coat
Good health on the inside is reflected in the way a horse’s coat looks on the outside. MegaMin Equine Enhancer contains minerals, trace minerals, vitamins and amino acids that a horse needs to stay healthy on the inside and brilliantly shiny on the outside. 

MegaMin Equine Enhancer includes two potent antioxidants in selenium and vitamin E. These antioxidants work together in your horse’s body to help reduce the muscle damage that can occur during exercise.

Strong Immune System
A well balanced diet is essential to maintain effective immune function. MegaMin Equine Enhancer provides trace minerals and vitamins that are generally not at adequate levels in pasture and hay to support a strong immune system. 

Efficient Digestion
MegaMin Equine Enhancer incorporates a prebiotic to help support a healthy hindgut and aid efficient fibre digestion. 

Natural Minerals
MegaMin Equine supplements contain AgSolutions’ unique blend of natural broad spectrum minerals that include a host of trace minerals such as chromium, boron and silicon that are absent from many other supplements.  

Customer Testimonials

Optimal performance begins with optimal health. This is why Equine Enhancer has become an essential part of my feeding program. I have seen the improvement it has caused in my horse’s hooves, hair and general health. I feed Equine Enhancer because if I want my horses to be at the top of their game, I need them physically fit and mentally strong.

– Brett Cantle, Gympie QLD

I’m a big fan of MegaMin Equine Supplements! With the Equine Enhancer I have seen significant results in coat quality and hoof quality. Sometimes I have horses come into my stables that are quite poor in condition and I find it really interesting in watching them over time progress and improve. AgSolutions has given me confidence that I’m providing my horses with what they need nutritionally to perform to the best of their ability.

– Emma Flavelle, Emma Flavelle Dressage QLD

Pasture Management for Horses

Greater emphasis on pasture feeding of horses should be made in Australia, as it offers the advantage of considerable reduction in feeding costs in combination with a return to the natural grazing conditions to which horses are well adapted. Grazing horses attain benefits from both the nutritional value of the pasture and from the exercise derived from actively grazing.

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In this area, we explore some of the most popular equine nutrition topics, delve into some of the essential principles of equine nutrition and provide tips for creating a balanced and healthy diet for your horses.

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