Soil Remineralisation

Soil Remineralisation improved soil structure & increased production

Paul Beaumont, Dorrigo NSW

Product used: NatraMin K

NatraMin Results:

  • Soil structure recovered quickly after floods
  • Increased pasture coverage
  • Increased clover
  • Increased worm population

Paul Beaumont, third generation Dorrigo Dairy producer, initially used NatraMin on a problem paddock in a bid to improve the soil fertility.

Paul reports: “Prior to using NatraMin, this paddock had about 40% pasture coverage and we could never get clover to grow at all. 

We have now applied two applications of NatraMin at 300kg/ha. Four months after the initial application, we could see our pasture starting to improve. This year we cut 36 round bales and our pasture bounced back and was ready to graze 4 weeks after cutting.

Initially, my father was skeptical about whether NatraMin would work but we have certainly convinced him now.  This paddock has never grown pasture like we have this year. 

We have reduced the use of Urea down from 125kg to 80kg. Where NatraMin has been applied, the clover is good and there is no longer any urine patches in the pasture.”

Roger Newman, local AgSolutions Field Advisor, has been working with Paul since early 2017. Roger confirms: “After extremely heavy rainfall in 2022, even though the pasture was doing well, the soil in this paddock was compacted. Now, a few months later, the soil has recovered and is soft to dig, the root ball is massive and the soil is crawling with worms.”

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