Frank Boyd

Pasture Improvement and pH correction using NatraMin

Product Range: NatraMin Cal-S and NatraMin K-Phos

Region: Wolvi, QLD

Being concerned about the increasing amounts of fertilizer required to maintain pasture and production, Dairy farmers Frank and Fay Boyd have applied annual applications of NatraMin to their Wolvi property (near Gympie) since 1992.

In the late 1980s Frank knew they had to change their fertilizer program. “Our usual program was heaps of urea, muriate of potash and Super at 3 bags/acre. In the early 80’s when we fertilized with urea, the response was quite good… but by 1986 when we put on 36 tonne of urea we actually got a negative result. Over the years our pastures had gone backwards and our soil had no life. For years we never saw a worm.”

Lime failed to improve pH levels…

Soil pH has been monitored and recorded on the BoydĂ­s property since the early 90’s. From 1975 to 1994, Frank had applied Lime every three years at the rate of one tonne per acre. Despite this regular application of lime for over twenty years, the soil pH had not improved and remained at 4.8 to 5.3.

In 1994 Frank again applied 100 tonne of lime at the rate of one tonne per acre and as a trial, NatraMin was applied to similar country and resulted in a slightly better improvement in pH.

“This really opened my eyes and I haven’t used lime since.”

NatraMin gets results and saves $$$…

Now, since using regular applications of NatraMin, Frank has been able to reduce the use of water soluble fetiliser and says… “Any nitrogen that I do apply now has a very good response.”

NatraMin program assists with pH Improvement…

Since following a program of soil re-mineralization with NatraMin combined with a reduction in the use of water soluble fertilizer, substantial pH improvement has resulted in all of the paddocks.

The charts below show the persistent improvement.

Various blends of NatraMin have been used on Frank’s property over the years, with Natra Min K-Phos (extra phosphorus, calcium, sulphur and potassium) being applied over the last two years. Based on soil test results, additional boron has also been added to the NatraMin.

In Frank’s words “We’ve seen our Kikuyu and Rye pastures really respond. The results have been outstanding and I’ve been able to reduce other fertilizer inputs.”