Michael & Sarah McMeniman

Tensile Strength Increased By 17N/Ktex with MegaMin

Product Range: MegaMin Extra Sulphur Lick Blocks

Region: Stanthorpe, QLD

Traprock woolgrowers, Michael and Sarah McMeniman, run 3500 Merino Wethers at Redgate, between Stanthorpe and Texas, QLD. Michael and Sarah have been supplementing their flock with MegaMin mineral and trace element blocks since 2009, but made the switch to MegaMin Extra Sulphur Lick Blocks in 2012.

Since using MegaMin, our 16 micron wool has increased in tensile strength from 30 to 47N/ktex while cutting 3.5kg; this proves the value of minerals for stock running on traprock country that lacks nutrition at different times of the year”

Sarah and Michael found mineral supplementation helped to alleviate breaks in their fine wool by maintaining an even plane of nutrition; they now opt to use MegaMin Extra Sulphur Lick Blocks for the added benefit of increased resistance to external parasites and use it year-round after having discovered their livestock are capable of regulating their intake and will stop using the lick blocks at different times of the year, depending on pasture quality.

Key benefits of Sulphur supplementation

  • Helps detoxify prussic acid found in forage sorghum, which lacks Sulphur and Salt
  • Stimulates bacteria and fungi to assist the breakdown of fibre
  • Facilitates wool growth as a key nutrient
  • Increases livestock resistance to external parasites

Why supplementing with MegaMin Extra Sulphur increases livestock resistance to external parasites

Sulphur is frequently used as a natural dietary compound capable of reducing internal and external parasites, such as worm, cattle tick, lice and buffalo fly. Research conducted in South America, found natural resistance to external parasites, such as cattle ticks, increased among cattle fed additional Sulphur (Villar 2006).

Villar, C 2006, Genetic Crosses and other alternatives to control of Boophilus Microplus: a common cattle tick in South America, Columbia: Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario.

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