Kym Harrison

Minerals Vital for Herd Health

Product Range: MegaMin Mineral Blend

Region: Kilcoy, QLD

  • Reduced Mastitis
  • Increased milk production
  • Reduced sore feet
  • Increased fertility

With reduced mastitis in their herd, Kym Harrison has good reason to smile! Studies in the USA highlight the importance of minerals and trace minerals for herd health. Fertility, mastitis, sore feet and eyes all have links to nutrition and in particular the role of minerals and trace minerals such as zinc, selenium, iodine and copper. The reduction in clinical mastitis alone, with an average milk loss of 120 litres per cow per infection, is one worth pursuing. Kilcoy dairy farmer, Kym Harrison, reinforces this fact with her on farm experiences.

Massive reduction in Mastitis

This time last year, over 20 cows in their herd had mastitis at any one time. In June 2010, MegaMin Mineral Blend was introduced and according to Kym, “eleven days after introducing MegaMin, the results were astounding. This was the first week that we didn’t have to call the vet out to sick cows. Now, we consistently have less than 4 cows with mastitis (only 1 at present) which is a huge saving in treatment costs, labour and increased milk production. The health of our herd is visibly better with less sore feet and an increase in fertility. During the wet weather it was the minerals that pulled the cows through.

Our industry has faced tough times and we have cut costs where possible, but MegaMin Mineral Blend is the one thing that is essential for our herd. Minerals help in so many different ways.”

MegaMin for horses

Because our camp drafting horses are grazing Kikuyu, the minerals and calcium in MegaMin are crucial to prevent big head. Our cows and horses are shiny and have never looked so good,” concludes Kym.

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