David Sweeny

Benefits of MegaMin for Sheep & Improved Wool

Product Range: MegaMin Lick Block Range

Region: Walcha, NSW

  • Improved wool quality
  • Increased health & overall condition
  • Increased fertility

David Sweeney of Walcha, NSW was first introduced to AgSolutions and its animal supplements in 2003, and has been using MegaMin Lick Blocks with his Merino flock ever since. 15 micron Hoggetts maintain weight in a paddock of poor tussuck and dried off rats tail fescue, with the use of the MegaMin Lick Blocks.

Year round access to MegaMin Lick Blocks

We put the blocks out year round so the sheep have access to the minerals and trace elements exactly when they need them. We’re running between 3000-4000 Merinos and find that they don’t overuse the MegaMin. Intake varies in different paddocks and also increases during dry times.”

Improved animal health and wool quality

I am extremely happy with how MegaMin has maintained the health of our sheep,” said David.

According to David, with the inconsistency in seasons, it is difficult to accurately evaluate cost benefits. It is however, extremely easy to assess the improved animal health and condition, which has also been reflected in the quality of their wool.

Despite the long dry season we’ve still been able to maintain 90% lambing and I know that the MegaMin Lick Blocks are definitely helping,” adds David.

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