Product Range

MegaMin Livestock Supplement Range

The MegaMin range complements a diverse range of feeding requirements including low quality mature pasture, high quality improved pastures and grain feeding programs.  MegaMin is available in a range of loose mix supplements, lick blocks, feedlot and dairy ration premixes, as well as premium equine supplements.

Loose Supplements for all your livestock needs

A range of loose mix supplements that provide the benefits of broad spectrum minerals.

Combat nutritional issues with the convenience of a block

A range of palatable, weather resistant lick blocks for year round use.

Help improve feed conversion efficiency and growth rates

MegaMin feedlot premixes are designed to be thoroughly mixed with other feed components to help balance grain rations.

MegaMin Equine Supplement Range

MegaMin equine supplements are premium products that have been specially formulated by a leading Australian Equine Nutritionist.