Jonathan Schmidt

MegaMin As Buffer In Feedlot Ration

Product Range: MegaMin Mineral Blend

Region: Dalby Downs, Dalby, QLD

  • Reduced Mineral Deficiency
  • Increased weight gain
  • Increased fertility rates

The minerals in MegaMin ensure that our stock have a constant plane of nutrition for consistent growth.”

‘Dalby Downs’, the home of ‘Burenda’ Angus and Brangus Stud, has used MegaMin Mineral Blend as part of their feeding programs since 2004. Manager, Jonathan Schmidt, oversees 900 registered Angus and Brangus breeders along with a further 120 commercial Angus cows for progeny testing.

“95% of our feeding is silage based but because the nutrient levels in silage will always reflect any mineral deficiency in the soil and can also vary with the season, we place emphasis on the minerals in MegaMin to ensure that our stock have a constant plane of nutrition for consistent growth. With any grain feeding we do, it’s generally grain bins in the paddock as ‘grain assist’ and MegaMin is used as a buffer and mineral component in these feedlot rations. At 20kg/tonne, MegaMin suits our management because compared to other products, it is a cost-effective, safe and simple mineral inclusion for our silage and grain rations.”

Minerals are critical for growth, fertility and performance and the results can be seen in our cattle.” Mr Schmidt concludes.

‘Burenda’ 2013 bull sales include 125 Angus Bulls at Roma on 28th August and 50 Angus and Brangus bulls at Clermont in March 2014.