Steve & Kerry McDonald

MegaMin Feedlot Enhancer – The Supplement Of Choice

Product Range: MegaMin Feedlot Enhancer and MegaMin Extra Sulphur

Region: Manilla, NSW

Steve and Kerry McDonald feed around 1500 head a year in their Manilla feedlot and first met up with us at our Tamworth Livestock Nutrition Seminar.

According to Steve, “I learnt quite a bit at the first nutrition seminar AgSolutions hosted, but it’s the service that has really set them apart from other companies we’ve dealt with over the years. The free ration formulation service has been extremely helpful to us because we regularly change our raw materials based on price and availability. AgSolutions Phil Stacy is in regular contact with us and if rations need to be reviewed he generally has the new formulation back to us within 48 hours. To have his expertise to review what we do has proven to be very valuable to our business. We have been impressed with the nutrition support behind MegaMin and we have now extended this to soil testing with AgSolutions to review our pasture areas as well. We also feed MegaMin Extra Sulphur as a mineral supplement in the paddock. It’s all working well and we are very satisfied customers. Having a good product is one thing, but service is equally important.”

For the past two years, MegaMin Feedlot Enhancer has been the concentrate of choice for the McDonald’s feedlot.

MegaMin has provided a slight saving on our feed rations and our cattle have performed better. Weight gains have averaged up around 2kg per day for light cattle entering the feedlot at 250kg and turning them off around 420kg.”