Protein Supplementation

During drought conditions, the better we feed rumen microbes, the better we feed the animal.

Rumen microbes break down fibrous fodder and are essential to convert feed into energy (VFA).

In addition, rumen microbes contain 60% protein and when digested, they provide the majority of the protein requirements for cattle and sheep.

Lack of protein and minerals in drought affected or frosted pasture decreases rumen microbe activity, slowing digestion down to the point that stock are not able to consume enough dry feed to maintain body condition.

The more stock eat, the more they produce. So, as well as providing broad spectrum minerals that are lacking in dry feed, MegaMin Protein supplements have been formulated to stimulate rumen microbes to help increase forage digestion for extended periods of time. Allowing stock to increase intake of dry fodder and to graze further afield.

MegaMin Mineral Blend proven as an effective Dry Feed supplement

In replicated University Trials, MegaMin Mineral Blend (the base mineral mix contained in all our livestock supplements) was proven to be an effective dry feed supplement.

During this 3 month trial, MegaMin was compared to the use of Urea for stock grazing dry feed during simulated drought conditions. Steers on MegaMin held their condition better resulting in a $19/head advantage over stock supplemented with Urea.

This trial highlights the benefits of minerals and trace elements for stock grazing low quality pastures. Now, these minerals, protected protein meal and low levels of urea have been combined in some MegaMin Protein Supplements to bring even greater benefits for stock grazing dry fodder.

Urea, Protected Protein and Minerals

MegaMin protein supplements are formulated to feed rumen microbes to improve the rate of digestion and to stimulate the appetite of stock grazing frosted or dry pastures. The combination of broad spectrum minerals, urea and naturally protected protein meal stimulates rumen microbial activity for extended periods, helping stock to make the most of standing dry feed and increase weight gains.

AgSolutions offer a variety of dry feed supplement options in the MegaMin range: MegaMin Graze & Grow is a combination of broad spectrum minerals and trace elements, urea and naturally protected protein meal that stimulates rumen microbial activity for extended periods, helping stock to make the most of standing dry feed.