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NatraMin Home Garden Range

A natural choice for your garden


Mineral Fertiliser for garden, vegetables and lawns. With Natural Rock Minerals and Trace Elements to stimulate worm and Microbe activity. NatraMin is safe for all soil types, plants, flowers, lawns and also native plants.


Why your soil needs Minerals and Trace Elements

Over the years, vital mineral elements have been depleted from the soil, resulting in an ever increasing dependence on water soluble chemical feriliser.

In soil, the biological evidence is fewer worms and the structural evidence is poor water infiltration and crusting or compacted soil that is difficult to dig.

The end result…

Plants grown in mineral deficient soil often have poor root development, have a greater dependence on water-soluble fertiliser and can experience stress more easily. Stressed plants are more susceptible to pests and disease, resulting in an increased need for pesticides and fungicides.

 Minerals and Trace Elements

  • Minerals and Trace Elements

Extra Calcium and Sulphur

  • Especially for dark soils with a calcium imbalance and low in sulphur

Extra Phosphorus, Sulphur and Potassium

  • Ideal for pasture and crop soils low in phosphorus

Extra Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium and Sulphur

  • Suited to pasture and crop soils low in phosphorus and potassium