NatraMin Pasture Production And Dry Matter Utilisation Trial

University of Queensland – Gatton Campus

Field Trials conducted by AgSolutions at The University of Queensland Gatton Dairy Research Unit confirmed that NatraMin Cal-S can improve pasture production and enhance dry matter utilisation for irrigated dairy pastures.  Physical pasture measurements of the trial area demonstrates additional growth and increased consumption in areas where Rye grass was treated with NatraMin.

Pasture Production

In areas treated with NatraMin, improved pasture growth.

Over the 5 grazings there was a substantial increase in production with an additional  4400kg/ha dry matter recorded in the paddocks where NatraMin Cal-S had been applied.

Total Pasture Utilisation

Cows consumed greater amounts of pasture where NatraMin Cal-S had been applied. Increased utilisation of dry matter was consistent across each grazing period.

As a cumulative total across 5 grazings, the areas where NatraMin had been applied had an additional 53.7% (4635kg/ha) of dry matter being consumed by the cows.


Untreated Area

NatraMin Applied

Photos taken prior to grazing highlight the additional growth in the area that had NatraMin applied at 500kg/ha (photo on the right) as compared to the untreated area on the left.

After 2nd Grazing

Untreated Area

NatraMin Applied

Despite a 54% increase in dry matter utilisation, there still appeared to be more feed left in the paddock where NatraMin Cal-S had been applied. (photo on the right)

What does this mean for you?

An investment of $175/ha for NatraMin Cal-S can yield significant dividends. Based on the additional dry matter growth in this trial, there was an extra $732/ha worth of feed (using a baseline value of $166/tonne of dry matter). 

In addition, the extra feed utilised by the cattle also indicates as positive return with an extra $769/ha worth of feed consumed from the paddocks where NatraMin had been applied.

Cattle prefer to graze NatraMin treated areas

The photos below confirm what many graziers have reported: cattle prefer to graze NatraMin treated areas. During one of the grazing periods 90% of the herd preferred to graze the area where NatraMin Cal-S was applied.

Untreated Area

NatraMin Applied