Mike Schreiber

Successful Partnerships Promote Production

Product Range: MegaMin Extra Magnesium & MegaMin Feedlot Enhancer

Region: Cooranga North, QLD

AgSolutions Field Advisor, Paul Pritchard, started assisting Mike Schreiber from Cooranga North with his beef cattle operation in 2017. The Schriebers have a mixed operation consisting of a number of different blocks through the district where they produce grain and forage, in addition to their 500 breeders as well as backgrounding cattle on self-feeders.

Paul has provided us with an easy-to-follow ration that has helped us to have no feet or induction issues, allowing us to achieve better production and returns” says Mike.

Mike turns the cattle off in 45 days and then brings a new mob onto feed. Last year the weaners were put on oats with access to the same ration as the steers. The grain assist ration contains MegaMin Extra Magnesium as well as MegaMin Feedlot Enhancer, and according to Mike, “the cattle are gaining weight better than they ever have and they are quieter when they go onto the oats and don’t drop any condition.” This is likely because of the inclusion of MegaMin Extra Magnesium. On another block, Mike runs steers on forage oats where they have access to MegaMin Extra Magnesium loose lick that they are eating at a rate of between 60-70 grams/head/day. Mike says, “the steers are looking great, they are quieter and when we check on them they are ruminating in the paddock by 10am.”

The breeder component of the Schrieber’s operation occurs on two main blocks where they calve all year round. According to Mike, “It is critical for us to be able to turn off stock as soon as they are weaned and being able to value add by opening up different market opportunities has resulted in an increased bottom line.” The cattle at home are getting the MegaMin Dry Season Breeder Blend as it is lighter country, with low phosphorus levels. This blend supplies the cows with 10 grams of phosphorus per day which helps growth, lactation and fertility.

I’ve noticed that the cattle graze for longer and clean the paddocks up much better instead of just flogging the creek flats,” says Mike.

The other home block has better soil and more phosphorus, so after discussions with Paul it was decided to put these animals on the MegaMin Dry Feed blocks and the cattle picked up in three weeks after changing over. The Schrieber’s success is testament to the benefits of working in partnership to achieve common goals. “Paul and AgSolutions are helping us use our pastures better and, consequently, improving the returns we get from our cattle,” concludes Mike.