Feedlot Enhancer

MegaMin Feedlot Enhancer

Medicated Premix with Macro and Trace Minerals, Vitamins and Bovatec®  for Enhanced Production


MegaMin Feedlot Enhancer is a medicated mineral and vitamin stock premix suitable to be mixed with grains, protein meals, pulses and/or oil seeds and roughage to obtain balanced complete feedlot, background or ‘grain assisted’ rations for cattle and sheep.


MegaMin Loose Supplement has been proven to provide an effective alternative to Eskalin® as a buffer in Feedlot trials at the University of New England.  MegaMin Feedlot Enhancer is based on this successful mineral formula with the inclusion of vitamins A, D, E and Bovatec® to support increased feed conversion, bloat control and improved growth rates.


This premix contains 1511mg/kg of Lasalocid Sodium as Bovatec® 20CC.  Bovatec® is a cost-effective feed additive that, when mixed at recommended rates, is used to help improve liveweight gains and feed conversion efficiency in growing cattle and lot fed beef cattle. It helps control the clinical signs of coccidiosis and the reduction of faecal shedding caused by Elmeria bovis and Elmeria zuernii in growing cattle. Bovatec® improves growth promotion and feed conversion efficiency in sheep. It also aids in the reduction of faecal shedding of coccidia Elimeria spp. in sheep maintained in confinement.


For customers purchasing MegaMin Feedlot Enhancer, a complimentary ration formulation and nutritional advice is provided by our qualified and experienced Field Advisors.  Read more>

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  • 20kg Bag
  • 1t Bulk Bag

Why broad spectrum Minerals are essential

Macro minerals and trace minerals are needed year round by livestock for optimum production, health and fertility. Read more>


MegaMin Feedlot Enhancer includes key vitamins and important minerals to cater for the potential lack in grain or feedlot rations.

  • Zinc and Selenium are required for added immunity against infections and hoof health.
  • Calcium to balance the Calcium:Phosphorus ratio in grain based diets (grain is naturally high in phosphorus).
  • Iodine for growth, metabolism and the production of hormones.
  • Copper for growth, performance, disease resistance, bone development and coat condition and colour.


University Trials: MegaMin Mineral Blend proven as an effective feedlot concentrate

In replicated University Trials, MegaMin Mineral Blend Loose Supplement (the base mineral mix contained in all our livestock supplements) was proven to be an effective feedlot additive providing equivalent animal health protection and growth performance compared to products commonly used in feedlot mixes. Read more>

MegaMin as buffer in Feedlot rations

“95% of our feeding is silage based but because the nutrient levels in silage will always reflect any mineral deficiency in the soil and can also vary with the season, we place emphasis on the minerals in MegaMin to ensure that our stock have a constant plane of nutrition for consistent growth.”

“At 20kg/tonne, MegaMin suits our management because compared to other products, it is a cost-effective, safe and simple mineral inclusion for our silage and grain rations.” Johnathan Schmidt, Dalby Downs.