High Magnesium Mineral Supplement for Livestock Grazing Lush Green Feed or Winter Cereals in Organic Farming Systems

MegaMin USDA/NOP Extra Magnesium Blends provide natural broad spectrum macro and trace minerals, plus additional magnesium to supply stock grazing forages and winter cereals with key nutrients that are often lacking in these green feeds. Supplementing livestock with magnesium can assist mineral uptake and help reduce risks associated with magnesium deficiency such as grass tetany or milk fever.

MegaMin USDA/NOP Extra Mag SWEET contains a range of attractants to overcome the unpalatable nature of magnesium and enhance intake.

Compliant with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP) and domestic organic standards.

Ideal for stock grazing lush green pastures, ryegrass, oats, winter cereals and magnesium-deficient country.

Can assist meat quality during high stress periods.

Suitable for use during pre-calving, lambing and weaning.

Assists magnesium uptake and benefits livestock scouring on green feed.

Helps prevent risks associated with magnesium deficiency such as grass tetany and milk fever.

When to feed

Stock grazing lush green pastures, ryegrass, oats, winter cereals and magnesium/calcium-deficient country

Pre-joining, pre-calving/lambing/kidding, lactating livestock and weaning

Stock at risk of scouring, grass tetany, milk fever, etc.

Certified organic production systems

Feeding Guide

Recommended daily intake is 20-40g/100kg body weight/day

Feed Rate (g/day)
Cattle 40-100
Sheep/Goats 5-10

Consumption Management

Livestock may be prone to consume greater levels of product at the beginning of a supplementation program, usually due to cravings for a particular mineral or protein that the mix provides. Download the guide to evaluate consumption rates and tips to manage consumption levels.

Available In

20kg Bag and 1 tonne Bulk Bags

Customer Testimonials

“Grazing in our Mulga country, we need to supplement to avoid the primary mineral deficiencies of Phosphorus and Sulphur. Nitrogen (protein) is also below maintenance for late pregnant and lacting cows due to the high tannins in Mulga leaf. We are feeding lactating cows on pushed Mulga at the moment with the MegaMin supplement and they are rearing young calves quite well. The cows udders are showing a surprising amount of milk.

It seems that the MegaMin enhances the activity of the rumen micro-organisms to get the cows back in balance with Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Sulphur.”

– Peter Schmidt, Wyandra QLD

“Breeders on our property ‘Quilpeta’ at Wyandra were first introduced to MegaMin supplements in 2009. Running cattle in Phosphorus deficient country, we find that MegaMin USDA/NOP blend supplies the necessary Phosphorus as well as minerals and trace elements. Our cattle have access to MegaMin all year round and we are very happy with the result.”

– David & Wendy Wilkinson, ‘Barford,’ Augathella QLD

Feed Testing and Ration Formulation Service

Our nutrition team can review your current grain rations for early weaning, backgrounding, feedlots, bulls, dairy, sheep and lambs; and can further test the nutrient and protein content of raw ingredients, such as grains, hay and silage, making it possible to adjust intake throughout the year to accommodate price changes or feed ingredient availability.

Supplementation Feeding Guide

  • Evaluating consumption rates
  • Tips for consumption management
  • Recommended daily intake for MegaMin blends