Protein and Mineral Supplement for Optimum Production, Health and Fertility in Organic Farming Systems

MegaMin USDA/NOP Custom Protein Blends provide natural broad spectrum macro and trace minerals with additional protein meal at inclusion rates ranging from 10% to 50% to accommodate stock requirements. Lower protein inclusion rates (10-20%) can be used to assist mineral intake where consumption rate is low. Higher protein inclusion rates (30- 50%) can be used in dry feed conditions, during early weaning or in situations where additional protein is required to help promote rumen function.

Rumen microbes break down fibrous fodder and are essential to convert feed into energy (Volatile Fatty Acids or VFA). Protected protein provides a sustained source of ammonia for rumen microbes to reproduce, enhancing the rate of digestion and stimulating appetite to help keep the animal effectively grazing.

Compliant with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP) and domestic organic standards.

Provides protected protein meal for extended grazing.

Stimulates appetite to help optimise dry feed intake.

Lower protein inclusion rates assist with mineral intake.

Higher protein inclusion rates provide a significant protein source for dry feed conditions.

Can help assist bacterial protein synthesis and subsequent animal performance.

When to feed

Year-round supplementation


Stock grazing drought, frosted or dry pasture

Crop stubble/straw

Certified organic production systems

Feeding Guide: 10-20% Protein Meal

Recommended daily intake is 10-20g/100kg body weight/day

Feed Rate (g/day)
Cattle 40-100
Sheep/Goats 5-10

Feeding Guide: 30-50% Protein Meal

Recommended daily intake is 40-80g/100kg body weight/day

Feed Rate (g/day)
Cattle 200-400
Sheep/Goats 20-40

Consumption Management

Livestock may be prone to consume greater levels of product at the beginning of a supplementation program, usually due to cravings for a particular mineral or protein that the mix provides. Download the guide to evaluate consumption rates and tips to manage consumption levels.

Available In

20kg Bag and 1 tonne Bulk Bags

Customer Testimonials

“We’ve used the MegaMin USDA NOP supplements for many years and quickly switched to the Extra 10% Sulphur option when it was launched. Minerals are a cheap insurance for us and provide an easy tool, especially in our forest country. Mineral deficiencies in our cattle can otherwise be a limiting factor and MegaMin takes care of that. Energy and protein gaps are expensive to correct so we aim to avoid these situations and manage through grazing and decision making which is influenced by environment and rainfall. We are producing heavier cattle and try not to push our country. We aim to not to create a drought here so it’s only in the bad seasons like this year when we don’t get rain by the second week in January that we are really impacted.”

– Owen and Brigid Price, Injune QLD

“I’ve been utilising AgSolutions for their assistance with providing a supplement and balancing and testing our feed rations for nearly 5 years. To assist with our feeding program, we induct all weaners onto hay and silage for around 4 weeks which gets them used to being fed. This process suits us as we are busy with farming country at that time of year. We end up with quiet, well-handled weaners that continue to gain around 0.3kg per day during weaning. These calves don’t go backwards and know how to eat later when we finish them.”

– Matthew Marshall, Nandowrie QLD

Feed Testing and Ration Formulation Service

Our nutrition team can review your current grain rations for early weaning, backgrounding, feedlots, bulls, dairy, sheep and lambs; and can further test the nutrient and protein content of raw ingredients, such as grains, hay and silage, making it possible to adjust intake throughout the year to accommodate price changes or feed ingredient availability.

Supplementation Feeding Guide

  • Evaluating consumption rates
  • Tips for consumption management
  • Recommended daily intake for MegaMin blends