Broad Spectrum Macro and Trace Mineral Supplement to Assist Production, Health and Fertility in Organic Farming Systems

Compliant with USDA/NOP standards, MegaMin USDA/NOP Blend provides natural broad spectrum macro and trace minerals and is suitable for use as a year-round supplement and organic grain assist. Approved USDA/NOP protein sources may be added to MegaMin USDA/NOP Blend to combine the benefits of minerals and protein.

Compliant with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP) and domestic organic standards.

Supplies essential broad spectrum macro and trace minerals.

Ideal for year-round supplementation of all livestock.

Can assist to buffer acidosis when grain feeding.

When to feed

Year-round supplementation

Cattle, sheep/goats, horses and other livestock

Breeders, weaners, maiden heifers and ewes

Grain assist rations

Certified organic production systems

Feeding Guide

Recommended daily intake is 10-20g/100kg body weight/day

Feed Rate (g/day)
Cattle 40-100
Sheep/Goats 5-10

Feeding Guide: Organic Grain Assist/Feed Additive

Mix well into total ration20kg/tonne

Consumption Management

Livestock may be prone to consume greater levels of product at the beginning of a supplementation program, usually due to cravings for a particular mineral or protein that the mix provides. Download the guide to evaluate consumption rates and tips to manage consumption levels.

Available In

20kg Bag and 1 tonne Bulk Bags

Customer Testimonials

“We’ve used MegaMin USDA NOP Blend for over 6 years, focusing mainly on our steers throughout the winter months. For our USDA NOP operation, MegaMin covers seasonal deficiencies and is used on all our family’s properties. MegaMin Keeps their manure loose and coats in great condition. With this approach our steers are on the front foot for summer and gaining weight sooner.”

– Kenton and Amy Peart, Dunvegan, Charleville QLD

“I’ve been utilising AgSolutions for their assistance with providing a supplement and balancing and testing our feed rations for nearly 5 years. To assist with our feeding program, we induct all weaners onto hay and silage for around 4 weeks which gets them used to being fed. This process suits us as we are busy with farming country at that time of year. We end up with quiet, well-handled weaners that continue to gain around 0.3kg per day during weaning. These calves don’t go backwards and know how to eat later when we finish them.”

– Matthew Marshall, Nandowrie QLD

Feed Testing and Ration Formulation Service

Our nutrition team can review your current grain rations for early weaning, backgrounding, feedlots, bulls, dairy, sheep and lambs; and can further test the nutrient and protein content of raw ingredients, such as grains, hay and silage, making it possible to adjust intake throughout the year to accommodate price changes or feed ingredient availability.

Supplementation Feeding Guide

  • Evaluating consumption rates
  • Tips for consumption management
  • Recommended daily intake for MegaMin blends