Rumen Microbes

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Feeding Rumen Microbes

Rumen microbes require protein (nitrogen) to build up their numbers. Urea (non-protein nitrogen) is often the only source of Nitrogen provided in dry feed supplements. Because rumen microbes rapidly break down this form of nitrogen to ammonia (<1hr), optimum rumen function is only maintained for a short period, reducing the digestion of dry fodder.


Urea can be toxic when fed in high amounts, hence MegaMin protein supplements include protected proteins for extended stimulation of the rumen, as well as low, relatively safe rates of urea in the Dry Feed Block and Graze & Grow to provide a quick boost to rumen microbes.


During drought conditions, the better we feed rumen microbes, the better we feed the animals

Rumen microbes break down fibrous fodder and are essential to convert feed into energy (VFA). In addition, rumen microbes contain 60% protein and when digested, they provide the majority of the protein requirements for cattle and sheep.


Lack of protein and minerals in drought affected or frosted pasture decreases rumen microbe activity, slowing digestion down to the point that your stock are not able to consume enough dry feed to maintain body condition.


We all know that the more stock eat, the more they produce. So, as well as providing macro and trace minerals that are lacking in dry feed, MegaMin Protein supplements are formulated to stimulate rumen microbes to increase forage digestion for extended periods of time, allowing your stock to increase intake of dry fodder and to graze further afield.


Supplement early to avoid loss of condition

The onset of dry conditions can creep up. By monitoring manure, a drop in feed quality can easily be identified, allowing the early introduction of supplements to avoid or minimise loss of stock condition.


When manure starts to ‘stack up’, protein supplementation is required to assist rumen function. Flat-formed pats indicate that protein supplements are working or that there is adequate protein in the pasture.


Protected Protein provides extended Rumen Stimulation

The advantage of using naturally protected protein meals such as copra meal and cottonseed meal is that this protein breaks down slowly in the rumen. This provides a sustained source of ammonia for the rumen microbes to reproduce, enhancing the rate of digestion and stimulating appetite for an extended period of time.

This safe form of protein allows stock to graze for longer periods after consumption (can take 20+ hours to break down in the rumen - see graph above) and contains bypass protein that can be digested and absorbed after the rumen.

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