MegaMin Dry Feed Trial

In replicated trials performed by Dr Lewis Kahn, University of New England, MegaMin Mineral Supplement was proven to be a safe, effective and economical alternative to the use of UREA for livestock grazing winter forage or drought affected pasture.

Trial Objective: To determine the effectiveness of MegaMin as an alternative to Urea for stock grazing winter forage or drought affected pasture.

Animals:  Hereford weaner steers with 3 pens per diet.  Average weight of stock: 285kg.

Location:  Kirby Feedlot, University of New England.

Duration:  The trial was conducted over two periods with period one being low quality feed. For the second period, to simulate deepening drought conditions even lower quality feed.

Period 1: Low Quality Feed (64 Days)

Steers were fed a mix of 80% Barley Chaff and 20% Lucerne Chaff. Three pens received MegaMin (29 grams/day). Three pens received Urea (75grams/day). As a control, three pens received no supplement. During this initial period, all cattle gained a marginal amount of weight.

Period 2: Drought Feed Ration (49 Days)

During the second period of the trial, to simulate deteriorating fodder quality as would be experienced during a drought, Lucerne was reduced from 20% to 5% of the ration. Three pens received MegaMin Mineral Supplement (44 grams/day) and three received Urea (94 grams/day) as a supplement. As a control, three pens received no supplement.

Reduced weight loss for stock supplemented with MegaMin

During the trial with simulated drought conditions, all cattle lost weight. Steers supplemented with MegaMin had the lowest average weight loss of 6kg. The average weight loss for the Urea group was 15kg and for the control group 18.9kg.

While the difference in weight loss was not statistically significant, the reduced weight loss for stock supplemented with MegaMin is commercially important for cattle experiencing prolonged exposure to low quality feed.

MegaMin: Reduced weight loss and reduced cost for additives

Steers on MegaMin Mineral Supplement lost less weight compared to stock in the Urea and control groups. Using the sale price of $2.00/kg, the charts below show the financial benefits for stock supplemented with MegaMin.

Long term benefits of MegaMin:

For two months following the trial, the steers were returned to pasture. The steers that had been supplemented with MegaMin during the trial period continued to show benefits from the minerals with increased weight gain of 67 grams/head/day compared to the control group.

These trials confirmed what many farmers had reported over the years. Now, these same natural, organic minerals are formulated with additional elements to ensure there is a MegaMin blend to cover specific seasonal requirements.

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