Broad Spectrum Macro and Trace Mineral Block for Optimum Production, Health and Fertility

MegaMin Mineral Block is made with the same premium natural broad spectrum macro and trace minerals as MegaMin Mineral Blend and is formulated as a weather resistant lick block option for year-round supplementation of all livestock.

Broad spectrum minerals are directly linked to metabolism and are essential for the utilisation of energy and protein. Supplementing livestock to maintain condition and avoid losses during winter and dry conditions seems obvious, but not so obvious is the need to supplement during good seasons or periods of lush pasture growth when clinical and sub-clincial mineral deficiencies can restrict animal performance. Supplementing year-round and during the good seasons can assist mineral uptake and help maximise daily weight gains.

Safe year-round supplementation (no urea)

Scientifically proven in university trials

Suitable for all livestock production, health and fertility

A weather resistant block alternative to MegaMin Mineral Blend loose supplement

Registered as an Allowed Input for Australian Certified Organic (ACO) production.

When to feed

Year-round supplement

Cattle, sheep/goats, horses and other livestock

Use as a macro and trace mineral feed additive

Feeding Guide

Recommended daily intake is 10-20g/100kg body weight/day

Feed Rate (g/day)Head / 17kg BlockHead / 75kg Block
Cattle 40-1001545
Sheep/Goats 5-1040100

Consumption Management

Livestock may be prone to consume greater levels of product at the beginning of a supplementation program, usually due to cravings for a particular mineral or protein that the mix provides. Download the guide to evaluate consumption rates and tips to manage consumption levels.

Available In

17kg and 75kg Blocks

Customer Testimonials

Our horses run with the cattle in rotation which is what led us to use MegaMin as a mineral supplement to maintain a base level of nutrition to supplement our pastures. MegaMin has everything in it that we were looking for and became a more convenient option for us than free choice minerals. Cost of production is the only thing we have 100% control over and the investment in supplementing is affordable. Our cattle respond well to minerals in this country. A major benefit of our supplement program is that all cattle have access to tubs with MegaMin their whole life. This means our steers entering the feedlot are conditioned to going to a trough and immediately gain weight.”

– James and Sal Morse, Central West NSW

“We came across MegaMin in 2014 and the depth of minerals and trace elements was greater than any other supplements on the market. Our lease country needs minerals and the conventional 30% Urea blocks are just too expensive for what they deliver. MegaMin has done a better job for us at one third of the price. We keep the MegaMin Mineral Blend up to them the whole time and our cattle look surprisingly well despite the pasture they are on. These cattle have come through the drought well and their coat condition reflects how strong they are. We’ve also seen a reduction in prolapses despite the tough times when our cows would normally struggle.”

– Victor Bolton, Mareeba QLD

Feed Testing and Ration Formulation Service

Our nutrition team can review your current grain rations for early weaning, backgrounding, feedlots, bulls, dairy, sheep and lambs; and can further test the nutrient and protein content of raw ingredients, such as grains, hay and silage, making it possible to adjust intake throughout the year to accommodate price changes or feed ingredient availability.

Supplementation Feeding Guide

  • Evaluating consumption rates
  • Tips for consumption management
  • Recommended daily intake for MegaMin blends