Lucerne Tips

AgSolutions Field Advisor, Glen Duckworth has a background in legumes, pastures and forages and oversees south-east Qld, Wide Bay and the South Burnett.

Glen highlights, “As both a mineral fertiliser and soil conditioner, NatraMin has several blends with additional Potassium which provide a great fit for Lucerne.
NatraMin delivers key minerals, Silica and trace elements, and also acts as a soil conditioner to offset salt issues in irrigation water and soil structural issues that often occur in Lucerne ground due to the soil types and high traffic.
Legume growth is reduced without minerals and trace elements in the program and this is where NatraMin provides an advantage. Balance is the key.”

Soil Testing

AgSolutions offers access to its Soil Test Program, allowing you to work with qualified Field Advisors to develop, implement and monitor a soil management program designed specifically for your property.

Based on the condition of your soil, nutrient levels, paddock history and your intention for the crop, the planned soil test program approach allows for targeted, refined and cost-efficient solutions such as those experienced by the Ellendens (above).

AgSolutions considers both soil and crop requirements carefully. For example, with Lucerne, the key is not to apply Potassium in one hit for the year. Lucerne is a ‘luxurious’ up-taker of Potassium, meaning that large amounts of Potassium can be removed in the first two cuts leaving a shortage for the rest of the year.

In addition to the Potassium that NatraMin delivers, we’ll often recommend some lighter more frequent applications of Potassium throughout the year. Another consideration is that elevated levels of Magnesium or Sodium have an impact on the availability of Potassium for your crop.

Aside from fertiliser inputs, AgSolutions recommendations also take into consideration management strategies such as aeration, crop rotation and grazing management which can all help to get the most out of your soil.

To get started on a program to improve your soil fertility and crop production, call us on 1800 81 57 57 and speak with one of our qualified field advisors.