Lance Jerrett

NatraMin Promotes Cattle Performance

Product Range: NatraMin Cal-S and NatraMin Hi-Phos

Region: Uralla, NSW

Many graziers are aware of the benefits that can be achieved with cattle production when they look after the soil and fertilise pastures. Lance Jerrett is one such farmer that has witnessed increased production on his family farm ‘Ellera’ at Uralla, NSW with regular fertiliser application. Lance initially used Superphosphate and similar products, but in 2006 Lance knew he needed to change the cycle as his pastures weren’t responding as well as they should have after fertilising, leading him to make contact with AgSolutions.

After the first application of NatraMin Cal-S Lance could see a visual difference, with the grass coverage improving where there had been bare patches. Lance remembers, “the thickness of the pastures improved and the clover population was more abundant.” When questioned on the performance of his cattle on the pasture, Lance’s response was, “they just did better, they held their condition longer and their coats improved, you could definitely see a difference.”

Lance regularly gets soil tests through an external laboratory (he had used them previously so maintained this lab to enable comparison) and Philip Stacy from AgSolutions has noted some interesting changes in the soil analysis organic carbon over time.

Soil Test YearCECOCCaCa %Al %
December 20053.630.72.4467.227.89
July 20177.912.85.5970.672.26

“The Cation Exchange Capacity has doubled and the Organic Carbon levels have really improved. The calcium levels have increased for the better and the aluminium percentage has reduced significantly,” comments Philip. Lance is happy that the trend is showing an improvement in the soil health as a result of following the AgSolutions program.

Although the last few seasons have been drier, Lance has discovered that his cattle have maintained weight and general health has been good. This is supported by Duncan Elks, who purchased part of Lance’s property a few years ago. He commented, “cattle just look and do better in the paddocks where NatraMin has been applied”.

Both Lance and Duncan have applied a combination of NatraMin Cal-S, NatraMin Hi-Phos and a NatraMin Phosphorus Custom Blend to maintain sulphur and phosphorus levels in the soil. Their paddocks have had eight applications in twelve years and both graziers comment on how well their cattle are performing”, concludes Philip.

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