Greg Campbell

The Results Speak for Themselves!

Product Range: NatraMin Cal-S

Region: Meringandan West, Central QLD

  • Increased weight gain for cattle grazing pastures
  • Improved germination and seed strike
  • Improved soil condition

Progardes is a blend of genetically superior Desmanthus cultivars that have been selected and bred. Desmanthus is a low-growing, non-bloating and non-toxic legume and Agrimix Pastures are the commercial seed distributors who focus on helping producers establish legumes for increased profitability.

Greg Campbell, Territory Manager for Agrimix Pastures, is one of AgSolutions’ valuable networks who fully understands the benefits of Progardes and discusses how NatraMin Cal-S is assisting the establishment of this legume in clay soils.

Progardes has been around for a while and is certainly gaining momentum in the market, particularly with its long, deep tap root and drought tolerance (handling 300-350mm low rainfall) in these dry times. It’s compatible with mixed grass/legume pastures, easily managed and high in crude protein (with good digestibility and palatability).

We’re measuring weight gain response increases of 0.6kg/day when Progardes is in the pasture compared to straight grass stands like Buffel. Growth and establishment-wise, we’re definitely seeing a response with the use of NatraMin Cal-S in our trial sites and we will be able to measure this data in the coming months.”

Progardes is being planted in a range of soil types with some soils having very high sodium or magnesium levels which cause significant soil structural constraints.

Trial sites where NatraMin Cal-S has been applied are producing a better germination and seed strike. We have adjacent sites without Cal-S and we can visually see the difference in plant populations. Soil structure can cause up to 50% losses in germination and this impacts on the longevity of the overall pasture mix.

NatraMin Cal-S is creating a more friable seed bed and improving soil health while we are now looking forward to measuring the associated liveweight gains in kilos of beef.We’re working with key Agronomists throughout Central Qld who are also utilising NatraMin Cal-S for Leucaena establishment”, concludes Greg.