Jeff Elder

98% of cows were in calf despite the worst drought on record

Product Range: MegaMin Graze & Grow

Region: Dalby, QLD

In winter 2014, Jeff Elder from Dalby, began a 4 month supplement program that ended up being 6 months due to the extended drought. MegaMin Graze & Grow was supplemented to Angus and Santa X cows at 200g/head from May through to December when the long awaited rain came. To control intake, Jeff started with Graze & Grow with 12% salt and as the long drought saw pasture quality decline and supplement intake increase, changed to 20% salt to slow consumption. By November things were desperate and dry feed had almost run out.

When cows had been on the supplement for 4 months, preg testing was carried out and we were shocked at the result. Despite the worst drought on record, 98% of our cows were in calf. Cows were only in store condition but those that calved in the drought did a great job on their calves. We ended up with good quality calves that wernít woody and we didnít need to sell our cattle at the bottom end of the cattle market.”

During the drought, these cows were worth around $400 but by being able to supplement and hang on until the rain came meant that these same cows were worth $900 each or $1500 for a cow and calf unit at the Dalby sale in late February 2015. Jeff concludes, “Per head per day, MegaMin Graze & Grow may not be the cheapest lick on the market, but it’s money well spent for the results that we achieved. Over the 6 month period we invested $45 per cow (approx 25cents/day) for supplement, but with a 98% conception rate and the condition of our cows and calves, it was an investment that paid off.”

This gives us the confidence to promote Graze & Grow as a tried and tested supplement.”