James & Sal Morse

Winners of Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial (Feedlot) 2015

Product Range: MegaMin Mineral Blend

Region: Central West NSW

  • Cattle Fertility 96%
  • Cost benefits of minerals
  • Affordable supplements
  • Safe for horses

Purchasing Pasture cover and quality is number one at ‘Wongalee’, with approximately 1500 hectares of mixed farming enterprise at Molong in the Central West of NSW. For me, it’s very rewarding to talk to a customer who discovered our product over 5 years ago from their own research and recently I had the pleasure to visit James and Sal Morse to witness their results and to see their brilliant example of holistic management and their rotational grazing technique.

Fertility is a key driver and everything on this property is measured. Normally running 400-500 Angus cows with over 96% conception rate (currently 300 due to seasonal conditions), plus trade cattle and weaners, the Morse family know the importance of minerals for their livestock including their Australian stock horses who greet you at the front gate. Horses are widely used and bred on the property and the family is heavily involved in Campdrafting.

James said, “I’m not a fan of urea. Our horses run with the cattle in rotation which is what led us to use MegaMin as a mineral supplement to maintain a base level of nutrition to supplement our pastures. MegaMin has everything in it that we were looking for and became a more convenient option for us than free choice minerals. Cost of production is the only thing we have 100% control over and the investment in supplementing is affordable. Our cattle respond well to minerals in this country.”

Cattle are moved every 1-2 days around the 120 paddocks, allowing 90-120 days’ rest between grazing. MegaMin Mineral Blend is moved around the paddocks with the cattle and intake varies depending on the soil type, season, pasture and stage of breeding. Stock crave salt in this country so it is fed throughout the year, also assisting to regulate the intake of mineral supplements.

A major benefit of our supplement program is that all cattle have access to tubs with MegaMin their whole life. This means our steers entering the feedlot are conditioned to going to a trough and immediately gain weight.”

In 2015 James and Sal Morse won the Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial (feedlot) for 100 day fed Sim-Angus steers and in March 2014 won a Landcare award for Sustainable Grazing Land Management. James and Sal are passionate about agriculture and want to ensure their children have the opportunity for a sustainable future on the land. From our perspective at AgSolutions, this MegaMin partnership with them is a perfect example of our tagline… ‘Helping Australia Grow’.