Darren & Jacqui Castle

Increasing your bottom line

Product Range: MegaMin Feedlot Enhancer, MegaMin Graze & Grow and MegaMin Extra Magnesium

Region: Kumbia, QLD

What motivates me is knowing that clients appreciate how we add value to their operation via our advice and products. Driving into Castle Livestock ‘Bar Boot’ Brahmans and Charbrays we knew we had a client dedicated to hard work and perfection in not only genetics, but also nutrition. The first time we visited Darren and Jacqui Castle, Jacqui had made a sensational cake for smoko, so I was convinced the Castle family were going to be another enjoyable client to service, not just because I like cake!

For several years AgSolutions has been balancing grain and grain-assist rations for Castle Livestock for various categories of cattle, from weaners to sale bulls. These recent drought years with limited feed commodities have really shown the power of regular communication to assist clients with decision making to balance diets, budget and make purchasing decisions.

According to Jacqui, “AgSolutions has made a massive difference to our cattle and operation. I couldn’t calculate what they have added to our bottom line. Our calves have never looked so good and we’re in the middle of our worst drought. Last year was tough also and the proof was in our preg testing going through to 98% calving. Our cows are still good and first calved heifers are better than forward stores with big calves ready to wean. Considering the season, we couldn’t ask for better. Without AgSolutions we wouldn’t have had bulls ready to sell this year.”

“The first contact we had with AgSolutions and MegaMin was for our maintenance feed mix for our bulls. I now keep in regular contact, especially this year as we’ve had to make numerous changes this season with commodities being expensive and hard to get. Our 2019 Sale Bulls are all sold which has taken a lot of pressure off. They were fit, sound and had great morphology test results. It’s just so easy, cost effective and safe with using the MegaMin Feedlot Enhancer and utilising the ‘free’ nutrition and ration service from AgSolutions”.

‘Bar Boot’ Brahmans and Charbrays are a Stud and Commercial operation supplying bulls to the Kimberley in Western Australia. This year we’ve helped Darren and Jacqui with all their feed rations. Creep rations have also taken the pressure off the cows. MegaMin Graze & Grow has been used as a dry feed lick and because the Castles have mixing equipment, we’ve been able to assist them to develop their own lick using MegaMin minerals and other on-farm inputs.

When grazing the Oats last year, all cattle were on the MegaMin Extra Magnesium loose lick as a production supplement designed for grazing oats and green feed, and this did a fantastic job.

In closing Jacqui stated, “Service is what sets AgSolutions apart. We now have options and assistance with our decision making. Instead of selling our excess stud cattle for $500, we have them leaving the place at $2500. Our cattle don’t go backwards and for the first time we are successfully joining our heifers 12 months earlier. We always struggled with our heifers, though now they are reaching maturity and joining weights sooner with better growth rates. This has a huge financial benefit on our business. We can see the difference in our cattle and AgSolutions also work with our son’s Wagyu feeding operation. I can’t speak highly enough and thank the AgSolutions’ team for their service”.

Thank you Jacqui, your attention to detail and work ethic make you a pleasure to support.