Invest in your soil structure prior to planting

See the difference NatraMin can make!

When planting, the main focus is often on providing adequate NPK for the crop, however soil structure is also an important consideration because it can have a huge influence on crop performance.

Poor soil structure can limit seed germination, inhibit root development and plant growth, and restrict water infiltration, often resulting in lower yielding crops… subsequently leading to a poor return on investment for the $$$ spent for seed and fertiliser.

A soil test will provide indicators of soil structure issues. For example, if your soil has high levels of sodium and magnesium it’s likely to have low potassium and may have dispersive qualities as well. Dispersive soil types have a structure that tends to collapse and become sticky and puggy when wet and have a very hard setting when dry.

If Chloride levels are high, it is likely to have an impact on the biological activity in your soil, affecting soil carbon levels and subsequently soil structure. Soil microbes contribute to soil health and perform essential functions such as nutrient cycling, breaking down crop residues and stimulating plant growth.

If you have soil structure problems, you will already be aware of the impacts… but do you know what action steps to take to improve them?

As a first step, we recommend a soil test to assess your soil and crop requirements. Remember, a soil test can save you $$$. With a soil test, fertiliser inputs can be tailored, which can often be more cost effective. Our Field Advisors are available to assist you with a range of services including soil, sap and leaf tests. Alternatively, if you have an existing soil test, we can provide you with a second opinion at no charge. Give us a call on 1800 81 57 57.

NatraMin Cal-S is specifically formulated to address soil structure and also provides broad spectrum minerals and trace elements to maintain the nutrient balance in soil. NatraMin Cal-S targets elevated levels of Sodium, Sodium % Cations (ESP), Chlorides and also Magnesium to make a difference to soil structure and crop yields. In addition, mulching, crop rotation including a legume and soil aeration are practical steps to take to improve soil structure.

The use of soil amendments such as NatraMin Cal-S can assist to enhance the effectiveness of starter fertiliser and many producers using NatraMin have been able to reduce their starter fertiliser and improve their crop production.

Reduced Sodium and Chloride levels and improved Soil structure as a result of using NatraMin