Hilton McLennan

Fertilise It, Then Utilise It

Product Range: NatraMin Cal-S and MegaMin Extra Magnesium

Region: Tyringham, NSW

  • Regeberation of Clover and Prarie Grass
  • Improved Cattle Condition

AgSolutions recently caught up with truck driver Hilton McLennan as he was collecting product from our factory in Gympie. Hilton also has a farm at Tyringham, on the Dorrigo plateau and has been involved with the fertiliser industry for many years as a carrier, but has only recently applied NatraMin to his own property and has achieved some fantastic results with the first application.

Hilton has been supplementing his cattle with MegaMin Extra Magnesium loose lick for years and only considered using NatraMin after a visit from AgSolutionsí Field Advisor, Roger Newman who took a soil test at the time. When test results indicated that there was phosphorus locked up in the soil, Roger recommended that NatraMin Cal-S be applied to help with the three aspects of soil fertility; nutritional, structural and biological.

Hilton excitedly explains, “we have had a terrific result with clover and a lot of the prairie grass coming back after one of the driest winters Dorrigo has had for many years. I had an agent visit to look around the paddock and he was absolutely impressed with the pasture and is going to come back for another look to see how it holds up after this winter.”

With my job carrying fertiliser, I have watched farms as theyíve deteriorated, and although some have responded with chemical fertiliser application, I have also seen farms that have used a lot of phosphate and not got the response they needed as they have minerals locked up in the soil. After noticing my clover was disappearing, I decided to look at alternatives and contacted Roger. After only one application of NatraMin it has been fantastic to see the return of good clover growth to my paddocks.”

Hilton is an avid user of MegaMin Extra Magnesium and has also witnessed terrific results with his cattle. “I don’t buy any strong, genetic type cattle, however, I have no trouble producing 600kg milk tooth to 2 tooth cattle off my property. Not all of the cattle perform as well as others as is to be expected when you buy straight out of the saleyards – it’s like buying a mixed box of chocolates, but I’m happy with the results I get with some good weight gains. I had some cattle that came out of the bush and when I got them they were long-haired and yellow. After an application of drench and plenty of MegaMin Extra Magnesium, they turned into top cattle within a matter of 6 weeks!” exclaims Hilton.

Hilton explained to us how he is a big believer in the MegaMin loose supplements as he has tried other products in the past and found them to be twice as expensive with no better results produced.

It is great to hear the positivity and enthusiasm that farmers like Hilton demonstrate and it is evident that Hilton and his family love being on the land despite the challenges it can present. We will conclude this story with Hilton’s own words about what life on the land means to him,

Farming and freedom is what is great!“.