Glenlogan Park – Rod Jenner

Thoroughbreds Benefit From Better Pastures And Softer Soils

Product Range: NatraMin Cal-S

Region: Beaudesert, QLD

  • Softer soils
  • Improved pastures
  • Less yearling injury risk

Rod Jenner, Farming and Operations Manager of the renowned Glenlogan thoroughbred nursery at lnnisplains, has seen the difference in soil structure and pasture nutrition since using NatraMin in their fertiliser program. Prior to 2010, their heavy black soils were becoming harder and pasture growth was below expectations. Like any thoroughbred operation, it’s always difficult to provide the opportunity for the soil and pasture to rest and recover. Poor soil structure was becoming an increasing problem and rain or irrigation took a long time to soak into the soil.

As Rod explained, “We are stocked heavily from June to January and the horses are back on the pasture almost immediately after watering, so the black soils cop a pounding. We had heard about good results on other farms in the area which gave us the confidence to first apply NatraMin Cal-S in 2010. Our main challenge is that we can’t use synthetic fertilisers while the horses are in the paddocks so the biggest advantage for us with NatraMin is that it provides a safe option that can be grazed immediately after spreading. NatraMin has improved our soil structure and is now a regular part of our fertiliser program. We apply it at the start of the season and it provides 90% of our fertiliser requirement. We then top dress with Nitrogen or Potassium during the growing season as required.”

Glenlogan conduct regular soil tests to assess progress and to check nutritional requirements.

“We don’t use NatraMin every year on all of our paddocks. Because it is slow release, it can be applied up front well before planting and continues to work throughout the season.”

The improved pastures at Glenlogan still have horses back on them straight after irrigation but since using NatraMin, the soil is softer and water infiltration has improved to offset these impacts.

As Rod concludes, “Rough ground affects bone development and we certainly don’t want the high risk of leg injury for young thoroughbreds with their racing life ahead of them. NatraMin is safe as a fertiliser and because it has softened our soil, it is safer on our horses’ feet and legs because we no longer have to try to cultivate or rip paddocks. We have to be results driven in every part of our farming, pasture nutrition and breeding at Glenlogan and we have got more out of NatraMin than what we expected. The soil structure continues to improve and the pastures are the best they’ve ever been. Thank you AgSolutions for your ongoing help and support.”