Darren Crumpton – Crumpton & Sons

Crumpton Peanut Shelling Contractors see the benefits of NatraMin for their soil

Product Range: NatraMin Original Blend

Region: Kingaroy, QLD

  • Legumes respons to minerals
  • Stronger growth assists resistance to disease
  • Yield Boost

According to Darren Crumpton,

we first started using NatraMin after seeing the results in our neighbour’s block. Now our local Agronomist, Ian Crosthwaite, recommends it and most of our local growers around Kingaroy use NatraMin in front of their peanuts. When compared to areas where it hasn’t been applied, you can definitely see the difference. The better the peanut bush we can grow the higher the yield… and a healthy bush is more resistant to disease. We know it works and it’s cheap for what we need. We see a real boost in our Peanut bushes and get a good crop with NatraMin. Any left over NatraMin each year is applied to our Duboisia bushes.”

AgSolutions’ Glen Duckworth services South/East Qld and the South Burnett. Legumes really respond to NatraMin due to a combination of trace elements and Silica.

For many Kingaroy peanut growers who recognise the peanut bush being a legume, NatraMin is now part of the program.

The soil conditioning properties of NatraMin also means that the peanuts come out of the ground easier and cleaner.