Warren & Lexie Harvey – Vamanha Orchard

Improved Flavour Since Using NatraMin

Product Range: NatraMin Hi-Phos

Region: Eukey, QLD

  • Improved flavour of fruit
  • Improved soil health
  • Overall improvement in orchid

Warren and Lexie Harvey, owners of Eukey’s “Vamanha” orchards, have been in the industry for many years and as a result have seen many changes… especially when it comes to the nutritional program for their stonefruit.

Their operation now focuses predominantly on Peaches, Nectarines, Plums and Apricots, with NatraMin being an integral part of their annual fertilizer program. Encouraged by their local Stanthorpe agronomist, who had seen the results of using NatraMin firsthand in the field, the Harveys first experimented with using NatraMin several years ago.

Problem: High inputs & Poor results

We were struggling with high inputs and we weren’t gaining production… and our fruit was losing flavour. Recommendations from fertilizer companies were continually saying more this, more that… but it never seemed to produce what we wanted to achieve. On top of this, the increased fertilizer recommendations were becoming too expensive and not economical to apply. However, since using NatraMin HI-Phos our orchard has improved overall. We’ve picked up on our trace elements which are critical for fruit trees.”

Proof is in the Eating…

As with any tree-crop operation, ‘flavour’ is of course critical to success, and as AgSolutions’ representative, Gary Zerner, can testify …the Harveys are certainly producing mouth-watering fruit. As Warren adds,

our clients and agent give us valuable feedback. If our fruit has no taste then people don’t come back. Before using NatraMin our BRIX levels were down and I was even hesitant to eat our flame crest peaches, they were ordinary in flavour, now you’re pleasantly surprised.”

Warren also believes that NatraMin Hi-Phos is adding elements to his soil and trees that weren’t being addressed through his fertigation program.

Last year customers started to rave about our apricots so it must be doing something as our fruit is selling well.”