Trevor Petith

Cal-S Spikes Yield Response In Lucerne

Product Range: NatraMin Cal-S, MegaMin Extra Sulphur and MegaMin Extra Magnesium – SWEET Blend

Region: Muswellbrook, NSW

The lucerne trial had all blocks pre-treated with Lime and Croplift 15 as a starter blend and acted as the control treatment. Two six hectare Lucerne blocks were then compared with NatraMin Cal-S (@ 160kg/ha) verse Chook manure @ 11.6T/ha.

According to Pasture Genetics and Trevor, the NatraMin block yielded an extra 6.8 tonnes. This equated to an additional 1T of forage cut/ha and an expected flow on benefit for future cuts.

AgSolutions’ Philip Stacy, manure and NatraMin are commonly used together in forage programs and work very well. However, in this trial it showed that Nitrogen and Phosphorus were not limiting nutrients due to the application of Crop Lift 15.

The yield response appears to link to the other minerals, soil structure and water holding capacity benefits that NatraMin delivers.

We visually saw a response to the NatraMin Cal-S in the colour and growth of the lucerne and will definitely continue to use the Cal-S,” according to Trevor.

Trevor runs 400+ breeders and high production forages under an irrigated operation growing lucerne, oats and rye. Weaners run on forage to maximise daily gains while hay is a key component of their business and is quoted as ‘saving them during the drought’. Rye grass silage is made when growth exceeds weaner requirements and lucerne blocks are oversown with oats for Winter.

Trevor is also familiar with AgSolutions’ MegaMin supplement range. Trevor said,

We always fed minerals and were chasing a Sulphur supplement. I came across the MegaMin Extra Sulphur that delivered Sulphur and all the minerals we were chasing. I like Sulphur in our supplement program because it is beneficial when grazing forage sorghum and there are less external parasites when the cattle are on it. MegaMin Extra Sulphur remains in the paddock for heifers and cows and calves for the mineral side of things.”

Intake varies and is adjusted to suit the season and forages or pastures being grazed. MegaMin Extra Magnesium Sweet is fed to stock grazing oats to cater for scouring on the lush green feed and maximise daily weight gain.