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As part of our mission to ‘keep Australia farming’, we aim to ensure that customers receive a complete suite of information and assistance, including the latest nutritional advice and options available in the agriculture industry. We offer a sustainable and complete program approach for soil and livestock producers by providing nutritional advice, value adding services and on-going support to help our customers achieve optimal results and maximise the return on their investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will be able to find answers to the most commonly asked questions about AgSolutions Australia, soil, livestock and our product ranges NatraMin and MegaMin.

The AgSolutions Difference

Why Choose Us?

Soil Remineralisation

After decades of farming, vital mineral elements have been depleted from the soil, resulting in an ever increasing dependence on water soluble fertiliser,

While NPK fertilisers have delivered big yields for many years, their use can come at a cost to soil health. High levels of soluble fertiliser can have an impact on the soil microbial population and also contribute to the leaching of natural minerals from soil. (Read more).

With over twenty mineral elements considered essential for optimum plant nutrition, soil remineralisation with NatraMin is now being recognised as a key factor to restore natural fertility to soil.

Livestock Nutrition

Minerals and trace elements are required year round by livestock for optimum production, health and fertility.

Providing livestock with adequate minerals can assist to stimulate metabolism and feed efficiency to increase daily weight gain and body condition scores for stock grazing both native and improved pasture.

MegaMin products are based on natural, organic minerals and trace elements and these broad spectrum minerals can assist to eliminate clinical and sub-clinical mineral deficiencies that restrict livestock performance, even in a good season.

Feedsafe Accreditation

All MegaMin products are Feedsafe Accredited.

Dedicated Team of Field Advisors

In addition to soil and livestock nutrition advice, our Field Advisors offer a range of services including soil testing and crop recommendations, feed testing and ration formulation advice, providing on-farm consultations to customers located within their working regions or Australia-wide assistance via phone, email, or video conferencing.

Certified Allowed Inputs

Select MegaMin products are certified in accordance with the Australian Organic Standards as allowed inputs for organic farming operations and a number of USDA/NOP products are also available.