Rangers Valley Feedlot

Reduced Sodium Levels and Softer Soils at Rangers Valley Feedlot

Product Range: NatraMin Cal-S

Region: Glen Innes, NSW

Based on soil test recommendations Rangers Valley Feedlot began incorporating NatraMin into their farming program in 2008. Farm Manager, Mark Whyte, reflects on their 1600ha irrigated and dryland cropping program at Rangers Valley…

When NatraMin was introduced, our initial focus was to improve Phosphorus availability and nutritional balance in our soil and to reduce Sodium levels. To support our decision making, we monitor and measure everything we do and NatraMin Cal-S is doing its ‘job’ for us. NatraMin has become an integral part of our soil management program in conjunction with feedlot manure and Nitrogen fertiliser as required.”

Agronomic benefits…

Under the guidance of consulting Agronomist Simon Piccini from Texas Rural Traders, 400kg/ha of NatraMin Cal-S is applied pre-plant as a soil conditioner. As a cost effective replacement for Gypsum, NatraMin provides the additional benefits of trace minerals for their crop rotation program of Corn, Lucerne, Oats, Triticale and Soybeans.

Reduced Sodium and improved nutrient balance…

Prior to the use of NatraMin, our soil tests indicated that nutrients were tied up in the soil. With the use of NatraMin, we have been able to release this nutrient reserve.”

In areas where Sodium levels were elevated in 2008, soil tests in 2010 have shown a significant reduction in Sodium levels. The balance of other major nutrients and cations have also improved.

Harvesting silage does create some compaction. In addition to deep ripping when required, NatraMin Cal-S has helped to offset this compaction… the soil is now softer and requires less tillage.”

Agronomist, Simon Piccini concludes… “annual applications of NatraMin Cal-S complements the use of manure on the centre pivot and dryland cropping country at Rangers Valley. The continued improvement in biological activity and soil health is reflected in the improvement in stubble breakdown.”