Peter Schmidt

Grazing Mulga

Product Range: MegaMin USDA/NOP Blend and MegaMin Mineral Blend

Region: Alawoona, Wyandra, QLD

“We are feeding lactating cows on pushed Mulga at the moment with the MegaMin supplement and they are rearing young calves quite well. The cows udders are showing a surprising amount of milk.”

Peter Schmidt has found the benefits of using MegaMin Livestock Supplements to combact mineral deficiencies on his property ‘Alawoona’ in Wyandra, QLD.

We started to use MegaMin Mineral Blend in 2004 and MegaMin USDA NOP Blend is now used across our properties in the Wyandra and Eulo districts. Grazing in our Mulga country, we need to supplement to avoid the primary mineral deficiencies of phosphorus and sulphur. Nitrogen (protein) is also below maintenance for late pregnant and lacting cows due to the high tannins in Mulga leaf. It seems that the MegaMin enhances the activity of the rumen micro-organisms to get the cows back in balance with nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur.”