People are key to our success at AgSolutions

We work hard at looking after all the people who are such an important part of AgSolutions Australia. These people include our staff, the farmers who use our products and services, the rural store owners who stock our products, the suppliers who keep our factory running and all those in the transport industry who get our products to the people who use them.

Within AgSolutions attracting and retaining the right people is vital to maintaining the culture and values of our business.

We are committed to LEAN Manufacturing, also known to some as the Toyota Production System, or as it is known in Japan, KAIZEN. The philosophy of LEAN is to place your people at the heart of the organisation, challenging and empowering them to drive efficiency through continuous improvement. AgSolutions is one of Australia’s leaders in the application of LEAN and we apply this philosophy across the entire business, not just the manufacturing of our products but in  administration and management as well.


“It has been our commitment to LEAN and as a result our approach to our people that saved our company during some of toughest times we have ever experienced during the GFC.” Julie Williams CEO

Julie Williams our CEO is recognised for her skill by two of the world’s leaders in LEAN supporting them during their Australian Tour of 2013 as a KAIZEN COACH. Julie continues to work with other companies across Australia in the implementation of LEAN practices to achieve efficiency and economies of scale in their manufacturing processes.


It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round and we believe the same thing applies to making AgSolutions one of Australia’s leading animal and soil supplement companies.


A company is only a strong as it’s people and the people they serve – you our customers. We love farming, we live for farming and that’s why our people are all connected to the land in some way.  If we are truly going to help keep the ‘farming in Australia’ we need to stay True Blue and one way we do that is by employing Australians and manufacturing in Australia.

If you are interested in a career with us please visit our career section.

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