It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round, and we believe the same thing applies to making AgSolutions one of Australia’s leading animal and soil supplement companies.

A company is only a strong as it’s people and the people they serve – you our customers.

We love farming, we live for farming and that’s why our people are all connected to the land in some way. If we are truly going to help keep the ‘farming in Australia’ we need to stay True Blue and one way we do that is by employing Australians and manufacturing in Australia.

Julie Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Through her role as CEO of AgSolutions, Julie Williams has built on the hard work and dedication of her parents being instrumental in the development of what is now a thriving business employing over 30 team members who are committed to serving farming communities.

As a leader, Julie has always looked at ways to enhance the business and she has ensured that this philosophy of ‘continuous improvement’ now underpins everything done at AgSolutions. Julie’s focus on ‘Lean principles’ of empowering our people, eliminating waste and improving efficiencies now form the framework for the company’s journey towards being a ‘world class’ organization.


You can email Julie at [email protected]

Andrew Williams

Chief Operations Officer

Andrew Williams is our Chief Operating Officer who also specializes in Research and Development.  He supports our field advisors with technical knowledge and provides support for Jason in the Production area of our business. Andrew is known for his attention to detail and enjoys assisting farmers with their soil management plans or feed rations.

You can email Andrew at [email protected]

Jason Zerner

Production Manager

Jason Zerner is a more recent family recruit to AgSolutions after having gained international experience in working in production and manufacturing environments throughout a number of different industries.  His expertise and practical problem solving abilities bring a wealth of knowledge and inventiveness to our manufacturing plant and equipment.

In addition to overseeing our production team, Jason’s expertise with plant and equipment has enabled AgSolutions to increase production to meet the requirements of continued growth in the market.


You can email Jason at [email protected]