Extra Potassium and Sulphur

NatraMin K provides bio-activated broad spectrum minerals with additional potassium and sulphur suitable for soils deficient in potassium and ideal for legumes, pastures and crops.

In addition to providing broad spectrum minerals, all blends of NatraMin are formulated to stimulate microbe and worm activity in your soil, helping to release locked up nutrients for your crop.

Key Attributes

Provides bio-activated broad spectrum minerals

Contains higher level of potassium for soil low in Potash

Ideal as a maintenance fertiliser and soil conditioner for legumes

Stimulates microbe and worm activity helping to unlock previously applied nutrients

Improves root development, plant growth and yields

Assists to build humus levels and increase moisture retention

Dose not contain Muriate of Potash

Typical Analysis

NatraMin K
Calcium (Ca) %4.7
Phosphorus (P) %0.1
Sulphur (S) %1.0
Potassium (K) %4.9
Magnesium (Mg) %2.2
Silicon (Si) %23.5
Iron (Fe) %5.1
Carbon (C) ppm3300
Manganese (Mn) ppm950
Zinc (Zn) ppm135
Copper (Cu) ppm55
Cobalt (Co) ppm22
Boron (B) ppm15
Molybdenum (Mo) ppm7

Available In

20kg Bags, 1 tonne Bulk Bags and Loose Bulk

Customer Testimonials

You can feel the difference under your feet when you walk from the NatraMin treated area to the untreated area. This was an investment in our soil, which not only improved our returns, but also improves the value of our property

– Leslie & Lorraine Cormack, Wallumbilla QLD

Since using NatraMin we can see the difference in the colour of our beans. Previously, we were using 220kg of Triple Super with 10% Sulphur and 70kg of Potash per hectare, In the past two years, we’ve used 200-300kg of NatraMin and have reduced other fertiliser to just 50kg of Triple Super per hectare, saving us at least 30% per hectare.

– David Duff, Willawarrin NSW

Did you know?

AgSolutions can assist you to design a simple to follow soil management plan to suit the specific requirements of your soil, and subsequently your crops and livestock. Whether you follow conventional or organic farming practices, or anything in between, our programs are designed to restore soil fertility, helping to maximise yield and productivity.

Application Guide

The NatraMin range is made from natural rock minerals and trace elements that do not require a withholding period before livestock or horse can graze. All NatraMin blends are non-leaching and may be applied at any stage of the growing cycle, on existing crops, or for best results, 4-6 weeks before planting.